QuickZip Fitted Crib Zipper Sheet Set Review

If you’re a veteran parent then you know that when your baby has a leaky diaper or spits up, or if your toddler has an accident in the middle of the night that changing those crib/toddler bed sheets is SUCH a pain. Especially when said baby/toddler is fussy and ready to lay back down! These sheets are the solution! I didn’t even know these existed, but I’m pretty excited about them!


As you can see there is a base sheet that goes on the mattress, then you have the top sheet that just zips on and off! It’s such a breeze! I didn’t get a shot of the sheets on Bubby’s bed, but I got one of him sleeping on them soundly 🙂



When you purchase these from Amazon you get one top sheet and one bottom sheet, you’ll want to order an additional top sheet so that you can easily replace the dirty sheet without having to wait for it to be washed and dried!

You can find the top/bottom set HERE and the single top sheets HERE. We chose the gray sheets so that they would work for Bubby and Baby Bird.

I also love that these are pre-shrunk, so no worries that the sheets will shrink up the first time you wash them. We are looking forward to trying these in the crib as well, we all know that that’s the WORST place to have to change sheets in the middle of the night!


Disclaimer: I received a free product in return for an honest and unbiased review. All statements are mine and mine alone.

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