Ziggy Baby Jersey Cotton Crib Sheets & Changing Table Cover Review

I’m going to apologize ahead of time for these photos. We just rearranged the girls’ room so that it would accommodate Bird’s changing table, crib and dresser… and that room doesn’t get a great deal of natural light… especially now with the gloomy weather we’ve been having! Now… onto our review!


Can I just say how much I love these sheets? They are so incredibly soft. They are made from 100% cotton jersey and are machine washable. These sheets are not only super cute (you get this chevron print and a polka dot print in the set) but I love that they stay cool enough in the winter to remain comfortable but aren’t super chilly in the winter like regular cotton sheets are. There’s no shock of cold for your baby when you lay them down! That’s a huge plus for me! We have a standard sized crib mattress and these sheets fit like a glove! Perfect!


Can you tell our crib has been used since Boogie was born? It’s a little beat up, ha! But those sheets are still cute! I also love that the grey/white colors are gender neutral. So not only do they match the butterfly/purple bedding that we have for Bird, but they’ll be great for Baby #4 someday as well!


Yes, this changing table has been through the ringer as well! But look! There’s the other print that comes in these sets! So with the crib sheets you get two sheets, one chevron and one polka dot. Same goes for the changing table covers! We have a contoured changing pad and the covers fit it perfectly! I imagine a regular after purchase pad would be great as well, but I think the thin pad that comes with most changing tables would be too small for these covers.


LOVE THIS PRINT. So yes! We are in love with these…. I may not even use the other sheets and covers we have now that we have these! You can purchase the crib sheet set HERE¬†for $22.99 and the changing pad cover set HERE for $21.99.

Disclaimer: I received free products in return for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions and statements are my own.

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