Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

ButtonsCloth DiaperReview

We are going to be diving back into the world of cloth diapers soon… I’m SO excited! I have missed those sweet little chunky cloth butts in my life. If you don’t remember, I posted a while back about all the issues we had with cloth diapers when we moved into our house in 2014. We have REALLY hard well water here and it was making washing our diapers impossible. Poor Bubby had rash after rash and we couldn’t put Baby Bird through that as a newborn. So we threw in the towel. I’m wishing now that I had held onto my stash, but I’m also a little excited to start building it again! We will be installing a whole house water filter in February, this should help with all the extra minerals in our water that make washing diapers so difficult! Hip hip hurray!


I’ve reviewed this brand of diaper before, it was right at the tale end of our cloth diapering journey actually. I received a pink one because hello…. we had a baby girl on the way and Bubby modeled it for me! Unfortunately I cannot find any of those photos, ugh! Anyways, he was about 25-27lbs and like 22 months old at the time. This diaper fit him perfectly, and I was super excited to find that there was no gap in the leg holes… that has always been an issue with my skinny legged children. They have these tiny leg rolls that make them look chunky, but they are actually super tiny!


I just love these diapers and they sent us the CUTEST print, this one has fox and feathered arrows all over it (I can’t share a link, I can’t seem to find this print in stock anywhere right now!). I think this is the PERFECT diaper to start our stash! In this above photo I tried it on Bird with the biggest snapped rise. These diapers have two snap down rises, so three sizes in all. The unsnapped size seems to fit her best, but I will add that she did have a disposable under this for the photos (because again, I don’t want to try washing this until we have our filter installed!).


You can see that it fits a bit better like this. And seriously, how cute is that print? The inserts for these snap in in both the front and the back, this is great because it keeps the insert from sliding around. When I tried this brand of diaper with Bubby I loved how absorbent the inserts were. They are super soft and held a lot of moisture…. which was great for Bubby because he was always a super soaker!


As you can see, the Buttons Cloth Diapers company embroiders a button on the back of their diapers, this is an adorable way to “brand” their diapers. These come in many different colors and prints, some of their seasonal prints are adorable. You can find them on Amazon HERE or directly on their site (where you can also find other retailers) HERE.

If you’re interested in technical information, these diapers come with double leg gussets (no gap!), two layers of wipeable PUL (so you can take out the wet insert, wipe the cover clean and snap a new insert in!), snap in inserts (that come in TWO different sizes), and these fit approximately 9-35lbs. We highly recommend this brand, on Amazon you can get these for $13 for the covers and inserts vary depending on size and quantity. These are super versatile and easy to use!

Disclaimer: I received a free product in return for an honest and unbiased review. All statements and opinions are my own.

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