The Imperfect Moments

Something I have discovered about social media is that you have three groups of moms. In the first group you’ll find the moms who very rarely post, they rarely share photos of their children, they don’t post about their lives, they just leave random snippets of information, quotes, share random articles and such now and then. The second group consists of those moms who seem to have their entire life together and it is perfect. They post the most beautiful pictures of their families and children, they share the amazing and phenomenal things their children accomplish and they just seem to have it all and know it all.


Then you have the third group. The third group shares the good, the bad and the ugly. You see the same posts as the second group, you get the articles from the first group, and then you see the posts about the bad days, the ugly truth…. and there is where you will find me.

I am open and honest, I’ve found that when I find myself looking at the posts from the group #2 moms that I find myself comparing my lives to theirs. I wish my life was more like theirs, so perfect, so together…. and then I realize something. Their lives aren’t perfect, far from it. They’re only presenting the “perfect” parts, they’re only sharing a portion of their life that is together and tidy… and there’s nothing wrong with that, but is it truthful?

I received an ugly message today on my personal profile that berated me for being so negative and sharing ugly posts about my children. And all I could think was, are you serious?! I didn’t even respond, I just deleted this person from my profile and moved on.

So why am I sharing this here now? Let’s get real mommas, let’s not edit our lives and only share the perfect moments. I wholeheartedly believe that other moms need to see the real stuff, the parts of our days that are full of tears, the moments that make us want to scream, the snippets of time when our children are acting terribly and we’re ready to send them to Grandma’s house.

When you share those real moments you are showing another mother that their life is normal. That their life is exactly as it should be, that their children are behaving just as other children do. Share your moments. Share the good, the bad and the ugly. Be real, be truthful, don’t be afraid to share those imperfect moments. Because life is far from perfect.

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11 thoughts on “The Imperfect Moments

  1. This is a tough one! I agree that we shouldn’t post perfect edited lives, but now that my kids are older, I’m also exposing another human’s ugliness. I ask their permission to post their pictures even when I think they’re adorable. They don’t always agree with me. I feel free to post my own shortfalls, but I try to be very careful when posting the shortfalls of my kids.

    1. I do agree that someday I will need and want to ask permission from them about posting things. You have to keep a good balance of course. I like to think that in these early years that someday they too will be going through the same things with their own children, and then I can show them a Facebook post, an Instagram photo or a blog post I’ve written. Then maybe they won’t feel so alone in their parenting journey!

  2. This is where social media angers me. You could be someone completely different than who you really are. It’s sad, and disgusting at the same time.

  3. I appreciate that you are honest and open. I know those perfect Facebook people, they perpetuate a belief that they have perfect lives when really, perfection is not real life.

  4. The good, the bad and the it! I actually enjoy reading more about that then the perfect stuff. Maybe it’s just me but I tend to relate more with those posts then the perfect ones.

  5. I can see where you are coming from. It’s important not to look too glossy as it’s not authentic. I do try to remember that I don’t want to post anything that would embarrass my child one day as he doesn’t have control over what I post right now. It’s all a balance!

    1. I agree! I do like that someday my children can look back on some of the things on my Facebook, Instagram and blog and see some of the silly things they did as children…. and maybe when they become parents they won’t feel so alone when their children do the exact same things!

  6. How much we share of our little ones on our blogs is a very personal decision…. We rarely even show a picture when it shows ours looking towards the camera. It isn’t because we are hiding anything we are just protecting them. Everyone builds their blog/brand around what they decide to let people see. I don’t think it is dishonest, I just think some people keep some things more private.

    1. I think you may have mistook what I wrote, or perhaps I should have been more clear. This happened on my personal Facebook profile, it’s not even really about the photo but what I post on my personal page. I too want to protect my children and I do so by not sharing their real names and making sure the photographs I share of them are appropriate and not something they would be embarrassed about down the road. Thank you for your input.

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