What I Learned When My Daughter Turned 5

What I LearnedWhen My Daughter Turned 5 (1)

You learn a lot in your first journey of becoming a parent, and really you learn new things with each child because every kid is different. Looking back there a few things I learned with our oldest, so I thought it was fitting to write this post on Boogie’s 5th birthday.


You learn to be silly, ridiculously silly. You drop the insecurities you may have had and you do anything and everything to make that child smile. Boogie has one of the most beautiful smiles so you better believe I still do silly things to see her pearly whites. Now though, you’ll find that sometimes Mommy’s silly antics entice some eye rolls and “Mooooommmy, stop it already!” Is she 5 or 15?

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You get used to not sleeping much. It’s true. I won’t say that it is easier with less sleep, but you definitely learn to live without as much. We’ve gotten super lucky this past year with Baby Bird, so we actually have enjoyed a lot more sleep than what we are used too…. but really, you get used to 5-6 or less hours of sleep. It becomes routine and you create survival modes. For instance, when I was pregnant with Bubby and I was more exhausted than usual, I would snuggle up with Boogie in the recliner and we’d watch Disney Princess movies (this is probably why she’s been princess obsessed ever since!) You do what you have to do to survive…. and you survive!

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You don’t realize how quickly time flies by until you blink and all of a sudden your sweet baby is FIVE. Seriously, how did that even happen? It truly goes by so fast, so slow down and savor every moment. I feel like I just posted my birth story after Boogie’s birth… and now here we are, and she’s FIVE. FIVE people… FIVE!

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You learn to laugh, you laugh when you feel like crying, you laugh when you feel like screaming in anger, you laugh when there is absolutely nothing to laugh about… because laughing gently lessens the hard moments when you have no idea what you’re doing. Laughing helps you focus on the task at hand instead of losing it when all hell breaks loose. So you laugh, and laugh so more… and when you laugh, she laughs, and her laughter is beautiful.

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You love harder than you ever knew possible when you become a mother. You love that child so much that the tiniest ounce of fear or hurt or discomfort makes you want to fall in a heap and cry, you want your child to know no pain, to never feel hurt or betrayal, to never face despair or heartbreak. You would take that pain on yourself if you could because you love her so much… it’s a love that is most magnificent and hurts like you cannot believe.

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Being a mommy to this beautiful girl is one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received, she was the first to call me mommy, the first to teach me what unconditional love and the first to fulfill the desire in my heart to be a mommy. Happy birthday Boogie, here’s hoping you’ll forever be the quirky, sassy, bubbly girl I’ve come to know and adore.


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  1. What a beautiful little girl and great post!

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