Baby Steps Scratch Off Pregnancy Calendar Review

Baby Steps Scratch Off Pregnancy Calendar Review

Ok… so before anyone freaks out, no, this momma is NOT pregnant. Yet… ha! I’m excited to have been contacted by this company, this calendar is really neat. I’ve never seen anything like it before! And bonus – they sent me an extra for the April giveaway! See, so many awesome products are going to be in it!

So this calendar starts at 5 weeks on the bottom, from 5 weeks until 9 weeks you’ll see a new box each day with Trivia, Info or Tips to read. Starting at 9 weeks you’ll have a scratch off each day with more info to read throughout your pregnancy. This countdown is so fun, I can’t wait to start using it when we decide to have MSM Baby #4!


This is a pretty large calendar, poster size, so you’ll have to find a good space to place it. But I love that it helps you mark off the days of your pregnancy.


In total, this calendar contains 236 boxes full of information on your baby’s development and other facts and tips from experienced moms and midwives. This is not only an amazing calendar for you to use, but it would make a great and unique gift for a mother to be. You can learn more from Splash Brands website HERE¬†or on their Facebook page HERE. Purchase one through Amazon HERE.


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