Beau & Belle Little Swim Diaper Review

Beau and Belle LittlesSwim Diaper Review


You may remember a few months back when I posted a review for these amazing bamboo wash cloths, they are the softest most gentle wash cloths you could hope for for your little ones. Well, Beau & Belle Little are back for review, but this time I’m reviewing their adorable washable swim diapers!

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They sent me both prints to review, and if you keep an eye on the blog in the next month or so you might just see these again for our big giveaway!!!!


I think the prints are adorable, and I love that they are gender neutral. Bird’s favorite was the turtles, so I let her play with that one while she modeled the one with fish and octopuses (octopi?).


These are a one size diaper (6-40lbs), so you can snap down the rises so that they will fit smaller or larger babies. I have Bird’s set on the medium rise in these photos.


A really cool feature on this diaper are the side snaps, instead of your typical closure that comes around the front and velcros or snaps, these go around to the side and snap. I’m not sure if you can tell in the above picture, but it is a really neat way to get a good fit on these diapers. IMG_2610

The lining is very soft, so no worries about your child’s skin becoming irritated or sore. I know our kids have sensitive skin and those disposable swim diapers always seem to irritate them, especially after playing in the water.


You don’t find this feature on many swim diapers – a double gusset! You won’t have to worry about those poops going anywhere when you’re playing in the pool. These diapers will keep it contained! Just remember that while these diapers will contain poo, they will not contain urine… that’s not what swim diapers are for! I told Bird she better not pee on my bed while I took these photos, ha!


I’m a big fan of this company, they only carry these swim diapers and the wash cloths I reviewed before, but these products are super high quality and ones we will continue to use for years. You can find more information on Beau & Belle Littles HERE and you can purchase their swim diapers from Amazon HERE. (Affiliate link)

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