Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

I discovered Freshly Picked when I was pregnant with Baby Bird. I thought they were the CUTEST little shoes I had ever seen. I loved the soft soles and that they use real leather (and it’s incredibly soft and malleable). I snagged a pair of size 2 in dusty rose (don’t take my word on that…. I THINK that’s the color, this color is no longer in their shop!)


I bought them bigger because I knew that we wouldn’t put shoes on our newborn (call me crazy, but we tend to be practical around here, ha!), so I estimated that around the time she would be walking she’d probably need the size 2. I was, of course, right!


The founder of Freshly Picked is Susan Petersen, I love her story, she was just your ordinary mom who was completely frustrated with the baby shoes in the market when her children were small. So in 2009 she found some scrap leather at a yard sale and started creating different designs until she found one that fit her second baby (Gus)’s feet. She wanted them to look adorable but also stay on his feet! Her moccasins have gone through several changes since that first pair but she has ensured that the moccasins available through Freshly Picked are “durable, well-designed, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot.”

I recently reached out to Freshly Picked to see if they might be open to participating in a giveaway project I wanted to launch in April (you’ll learn more about that through the next several weeks). I was super excited to get a quick response that they would love to work with Mustard Seed Mommy. Not only that, but they sent sweet Bird a new pair of moccs to try. This time I went with the Weathered Brown in size 3.


These are a little big for her right now, but as she is pretty close to outgrowing the size 2 I wanted to make sure she could wear these for a while as well. I love the feel of these compared to the older ones. The dusty rose pair are silky and soft to the touch, while this weathered pair is more down to earth and you can really smell that rich leather smell. I’ve been very impressed with the attention to detail in both pairs of these moccasins. They really ensure that you are getting the highest quality when you buy a pair of shoes from them.


If you plan to invest in some moccasins, I would highly recommend Freshly Picked. While the price is pretty steep, you’re definitely getting a high quality product. If you’re planning on having more children, you can definitely get your moneys worth by buying gender neutral colors (as you can see, that’s what I did).

They are also offering hard soled shoes now as well as a new clothing line for newborns that comes in a bundle with a pair of crib moccs. You seriously can’t go wrong with Freshly Picked.

Take some time and check out their site HERE, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more information on the big giveaway coming in a few weeks, I’ll be giving out more hints and reviewing more products that could be included!

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite Freshly Picked moccasin color?

Freshly Picked MoccasinsReview


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