The Coral Cottage Review

I love Etsy, I think it’s a fantastic site to find handmade goodies, and the best things to browse are the many different baby products you can find. I came across The Coral Cottage while browsing for a few more products for my upcoming giveaway. The colors of the fabrics that Leah chooses are eye catching and modern, she sews leggings, burp cloths, quilts, crib sheets, changing pad covers and cuddle blankets.

The Coral CottageReview

Leah graciously sent me two sets of burp cloths, the above is the set I kept and the other set will be included in the giveaway that will go live next Saturday! So keep an eye on an update for that!

These burp cloths are amazing, the fabric is so pretty and I love that these particular colors and patterns are gender neutral. The printed fabrics are made from 100% cotton and the backing is made from an absorbent chenille. Each set includes 3 burp cloths in varying patterns, you’ll find anything from feather prints to arrows to Batman!


Leah’s workmanship is impeccable, you can tell that she pays close attention to all the details. As a mom herself, she makes these products not only for her customers but for her own two children. You can find more information about Leah and her shop HERE. Head on over and favorite her shop, it might just be an entry on the giveaway next weekend!

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  1. Love these patterns! They remind me of Tula!

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