Love U Sew MuchNewborn Cloth Diaper Review

I’m so excited to share this sweet young lady’s Etsy shop called Love U Sew Much, Alyssa graciously accepted my request to participate in my big giveaway in April. I was perusing Etsy for some small businesses to include in the giveaway and when I came across her products I knew I had to send her a message. Alyssa offers cloth diapers (both newborn and one size), cloth wipes, wet bags, wooden teethers, AIO cloth diapers, yoke diapers, diaper soakers, pillow covers and more! Her workmanship is outstanding, I was so impressed when I received these sweet little newborn diapers in the mail. The quality is very high, you couldn’t ask for a better diaper for your newborn.

These are newborn diaper covers, you’ll find that they include two snaps on each tab for added support and an umbilical snap down for those first weeks of the stump still being attached to your little one’s belly button. There is a double gusset which is perfect for those newborn poos, especially if you are exclusively nursing! Sometimes those don’t stay contained, so that double gusset will definitely help! The lining is incredibly soft and gentle to the touch, you’ll love knowing that the fabric will be gentle against your baby’s skin!


You can see the double gussets in the above picture, as well as the front and back flaps that hold the insert in. You can purchase these soakers from Alyssa, or a newborn prefold would fit perfectly as well. The soakers that Alyssa makes are super soft though, and judging from what I know about inserts, these seem to be super absorbent and they will definitely be nice against your baby’s skin.


Alyssa has a second store on Etsy called the Vineyard Craft Shop, here you will find purses, kitchen towels, casserole carriers, clothespin and laundry bags. She is very talented! Here is a little more about Alyssa, from Alyssa herself!

I have been sewing ever since I was tall enough to reach the foot pedal on the sewing machine. My early sewing consisted of straight seams and very basic projects. As I became more experienced, I began branching out into more complicated and adventurous projects. I began to make clothespin bags and handtowels. As a young teenager, I started to sell some of my things in local consignment stores which gave me experience in sewing and working with people. Some time later, I discovered Etsy. Etsy has been an excellent way to display my handcrafted items to a worldwide market. Next, I started to look around for new ideas, particularly baby items.  I was looking for a way to expand my product line to include more than kitchen and laundry items. One day my mom suggested that I try cloth diapers. My initial reaction was “No way! People don’t even use cloth diapers like that any more.” When we were little, mom used the prefold diapers with vinyl pants on top. I knew that I didn’t want to do that. Together, we began to discover all the new products being used for cloth diapers and it began to look exciting.  I found that cloth diapering is not out of date, in fact, it is making a comeback.  It has been a great learning experience –

I’m still learning. It has been a challenge to pick the right materials with the vast expanse of options, but I feel that I have found affordable, yet high quality fabrics.

Along with cloth diapers, I make wet bags, cloth wipes, wipe able changing pads, carseat strap covers and bunny ear teethers.

Alyssa you are a very inspiring young woman, I only wish I had half the talent that you do! Be sure to check our her shops and please take advantage of Free Shipping over $20. Use code FREESHIP20.

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