LuLaRoe Review & Giveaway!

Lularoe Review & Giveaway (1)

I have not always been fond of shopping for clothes, I’m a size 16 which means when shopping for clothing sometimes I’m in the “regular” women’s clothing and sometimes I’m in the “plus size” clothing. It’s entirely frustrating! So you can bet that shopping online is even worse, because you can’t try on the clothes! I was a little skeptical about this company called LuLaRoe that I had seen on another blog, but when I spotted a pair of saxophone leggings I knew I had to at least try one pair of these so called “Buttah Pants”.


Love. True love. It went downhill from here y’all, I signed up to host a party (earned 6 free pieces!), purchased more leggings and tops. But before all of that I won a pair of leggings from a LuLaRoe consultant in her group, LuLaRoe Okleshens VIP, who doesn’t love free clothes? I joined the group shortly before entering that giveaway and came across a post asking for bloggers to review some clothes. Yes! Yes, please! I contacted Travis and Chris (the couple who run the Okleshens VIP page) and Chris asked a little about me and my clothing preferences and sent me some pieces she thought I would like and find flattering.

The first two were an Irma top and a pair of solid colored leggings. This is not something I would have ever picked for myself, I play it pretty safe when it comes to prints and colors. Take note that this print and color are tame for LuLaRoe, and I realize that you may be thinking…. she bought those saxophone pants! But believe me, that was crazy for me too!


Okay, this is not the most flattering picture. I had these big plans to take great photos with my husband’s help, but instead we ended up with cell pictures from my 5 year old daughter. So, keep an eye out for an additional post with more pieces and photos with my nice camera as well! So this is a medium Irma and TC (tall & curvy) leggings. Like I said before, I wear a size 16 and an XL or sometimes a 2X top depending on style and brand. The TC leggings fit sizes 10-22 and the Irmas need to be sized down 1-2 sizes. I love the fit of this Irma but I prefer a large Irma to pair with my leggings, as the length is a little more flattering. But I love the fit of the medium Irma for jeans or skirts! It’s pretty awesome that you can choose different sizes for different purposes, it also allows you to snag more of the prints you love! I’m looking forward to trying an XL Irma with a belt! (Also pictured is a cardigan from Old Navy and boots from Shoe Show). After seeing this picture, I also chose to pair this outfit with a longer tank, you can see that in the very top photo in this post.


You can get a good idea of sizing in the image above – I’ve found that it runs pretty true to size with this chart. I have sized up for a few items to be safe, like the Randy and the Nicole. If you have larger breasts I would suggest sizing up in the dresses.


This one I was entirely unsure about. This is the Cassie skirt, it’s a stretchy pencil skirt that can be worn as a skirt, top or scarf. I was scared! I don’t do pencil skirts, however when I slipped this polka-dotted beauty on I fell in love. I had a little trouble styling it at first, I even bought a Perfect Tee to pair with it, but it just wasn’t a good luck for my body type. So after asking some style-forward friends they suggested a white tee and a black cardigan. SCORE! This is so comfortable, I can see myself chasing after the kids in this on outtings, being comfortable toting my kids to church, looking amazing for a date night with my love without feeling uncomfortable in a fancy outfit. This skirt is AMAZING. And I LOVE the print! (also pictured – Old Navy tee and cardigan).

LuLaRoe is an amazing company, you can find thousands of consultants on Facebook with groups to sell their clothing, you’ll find a great selection with Chris in her group HERE – she offers flat rate shipping for $6 and you can exchange within 2 weeks of purchasing (with tags attached and unworn) if you find that something doesn’t fit just right. The thing to remember about this company is that they only make a small number of pieces in each print, so if you see something you like and it’s in your size, SNAG it! And if you want to earn FREE clothing, contact Christ or Travis to host a party! For every 10 pieces that are sold, you earn 1 piece of clothing! Until then, how about trying for a chance to win a FREE Cassie?! Chris has graciously offered up a free Cassie in your preferred size to one of my readers, print will be a surprise! AND, if you come back to enter the big giveaway I’m hosting in April, there will be a mommy & me legging set there as well! Woo!

Just enter below for your chance to win a Cassie skirt, all entries will be confirmed.

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt Giveaway

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  1. So far I also really liked the leggings and the Julia. I would love to try a Cassie and an Irma soon.

  2. I have not tried them

  3. Haven’t tried any Lularoe pieces yet, but would love to.

  4. I’ve been intrigued by LuLaRoe clothing for a while, so it’s great to see you’ve been happy with it! Wish I could enter, but I’m not in the US!

  5. I don’t have any lularoe clothes but have heard great things about them!

  6. Patricia Delgado

    March 21, 2016 at 7:53 am

    I have 4 pairs of tc leggings and they are amazing I love them. I’ve had my eyes on some dresses and Tees but I have to be patient because I have a very modest clothing budget!

  7. I love their leggings!!

  8. No, I haven’t but I think they have really cute leggings.

  9. Brittany Quesenberry

    March 21, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Yes! I have loved everything I have tried!!

  10. Loving it!!!

  11. Rebeccca Hodge

    March 21, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    I love lularoe. I am not much for fashion but love everything about them.

  12. I don’t have any Lularoe yet! Just heard about them last month! Would love to try the leggings 🙂

  13. I love that top/legging combo!!

  14. I haven’t yet, but it looks like they have some cute items!

  15. I haven’t tried LuLaRoe clothing yet, but would love to! My favorite is the Irma top!

  16. Very interested in LulaRoe. Can’t wait to try it!

  17. Cassandra Mcavey

    March 30, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    I haven’t tried but I LOVE the styles!!

  18. Ashley Montroy

    March 30, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    I’ve tried the leggings and they are fantastic!!

  19. I’ve never tried anything from LuLaRoe.

  20. I have not tried any LuLaRoe clothing yet. I hear the leggings are life changing and my sister loves her maxi skirt. I would love to try the leggings, maxi skirt, cassie skirt and nicole dress.

  21. I absolutely love this company. Everything I have bought I have loved!!

  22. Been dying to try lularoe! And love this skirt!

  23. did you say what size cassie you were wearing? I’m trying to best figure out my size!

  24. What size did you order for the Cassie?

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