Mandelin Naturals Mom/Baby Products Review

This is the last of the WNC work at home momma shop that I will be sharing with you for the April giveaway going live this weekend. Mandy Overstreet is sharing her passion of using environmentally friendly and natural skin care products – she makes some pretty amazing products, the ones I’m sharing with you today are just a few! And a pretty cool bonus to this company is that Mandy donates a portion of her profits to a WNC animal rescue!

Mandelin Naturals Review

First two products are for adults, or for this review purpose, you mommas out there!


The first product is a Muscle Soothing Salt Soak, you can purchase this in a variety of sizes including 1.7oz (as you see above), 4oz, 8oz and 16oz. It also comes in a variety of scents including Postpartum Healing, Stress-Be-Gone, Healing Detox, Muscle Soothing and Good Morning. The combination of epsom, Himalayan, Pacific and Dead sea salts helps your body to naturally detox. The PostPartum Healing blend is perfect for new mothers, it can help in inflammation, pain, sore muscles and relaxation. It includes lavender, tea tree, and orange essential oils, as well as organic calendula, chamomile and lavender.

The second product is the Healing Himalayan Sea Salt Soap. This soap is amazing, I’ve used it several times since receiving it and the fragrance is awesome. It leaves my skin feeling so soft.

The second two products are geared to your baby!


The first is a Buttermilk Bastile Baby Soap (2oz), this also comes in a larger 4oz size. This mild soap is soothing and nurturing to your little one’s delicate skin and is also good for anyone that has very sensitive skin. This soap has a hint of lavender, and we all know that lavender works wonders in calming our sweet babies!

The second product is a Calming Calendula & Chamomile Baby Oil. This soothes sensitive skin and the hint of lavender is a great way to help calm your baby before bedtime. I have found that rubbing a little of this oil into Bird’s skin before I nurse her to sleep seems to help calm her and relax her so that she goes down easy!

Mandelin Naturals offers so much more, you’ll find so many products to fit yours and your family’s needs, including the furry friends in your life! Be sure to head over to Mandelin Naturals to check out all she has to offer!

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