When I started contacting companies to find sponsors for my giveaway I wanted to include small work at home mom businesses. A friend of mine recommended a few different WAHMs and I’m so excited to share Mint 2 Sew with you!

Lindsey, the owner of Mint 2 Sew, specializes in customized cloth diapers, baby/kid clothing (including maxaloones, romperloones, bandana bibs, booties, undies, dresses, leggings, and more!), and momma clothing. The possibilities are endless and you will find an array of fun fabrics to choose from in her Facebook Group.

I wasn’t sure what I would receive to review but I was excited to receive anything as I had already been browsing and loving every item I saw posted on Mint 2 Sew’s facebook page and group. When I opened my package… y’all, I squealed with delight. Two words. LISA. FRANK.

Mint 2 SewReview

I don’t know about you, but like millions of other little girls in the 90’s, I was obsessed with Lisa Frank. I had to have Lisa Frank EVERYTHING. Talk about nostalgia! Bird could care less what prints we put on her tush, but Boogie was so excited to see the bright colors and critters on this cloth diaper. She hasn’t really discovered the awesome neon colors and creativity of Lisa Frank, but after seeing her reaction to this diaper, I may have to introduce her to more!

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Lindsey’s craftmanship is stellar, the stitching is impeccable, the design of this pocket diaper is pretty cool as well. I like the way she has placed the opening a little more inside the diaper than what a typical pocket is. This helps cover the inserts a little better, we seem to have issues with inserts wanting to pop out the back of Bird’s diapers sometimes. Drives me crazy!

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The fit is fantastic, I was able to get a snug fit without feeling like the elastics were too snug on her chunky legs. The inner fabric is nice and soft, no worries of irritation or rubbing on her delicate skin. And obviously I’m in love with the print, you just can’t go wrong with Lisa Frank!

We’ve had no leaks from this diaper as of yet, I’ve been using a basic microfiber insert inside of it, I’m looking forward to using it more often in rotation with the rest of our diapers! Unfortunately I was so excited to put this dipe on Bird that she soiled it before I could take inner pictures, so keep an eye on this post for photos of the inside of this diaper sometime in the next week! Be sure to like Mint 2 Sew’s facebook page and join the Group to see all the wonderful products Lindsey makes! And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the BIG giveaway going live in just a few short weeks! There will be a little something from Mint 2 Sew included!

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