Baby Banana Brush Review

Baby Banana Brush Review

This is a product I wish I had discovered sooner. This is the Baby Banana Brush – or technically the one Bird is gnawing on is the Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush. Bird has several teeth and has been getting in some molars and canines this past month, so when I contacted the Baby Banana Brush company they asked me a few questions about Bird to get a better idea of what brushes we would need. They sent me the brush you see in the above picture and the Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush.

The Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush is for toddlers who still need the gentleness of a teething brush but are also old enough to start teeth brushing. This allows Bird to massage those sore gums and practice her teeth brushing skills!

The Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush is a good next step, or really you could introduce this soon after letting your toddler use the Banana brush. This brush has a normal toothbrush bristle end, but the handle is a flexible rubber that makes it a safe way for your toddler to learn to brush. We haven’t pulled this one out of the package yet, so I don’t have any photos of it as of yet.

The other products they carry are the regular and pink Baby Banana Brushes which have handles for your baby to easily grasp and the same soft flexible bristle end to gnaw on, very similar to the toddler training brush. They also have an octopus brush, a shark brush and a corn brush that are all great for little teethers! Baby Banana also carry a tooth gel for brushing, and a hippo grippo (these are used for high chairs to keep your little ones from sliding everywhere – genius!).

If you have a teething baby or a child ready to start brushing regularly, I highly recommend the Baby Banana Brush company! You’ll be seeing this company again in our giveaway tomorrow!

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