What better time to share our favorite Usborne Books & More books than the beginning of a school year?! It’s no secret that we are big fans of UBAM and I love sharing our books with all of you!

So, buckle your seat belts! We’re going to share our top 10 favorite UBAM books for back to school!

  1. Key Skills Wipe-Clean Pack: Introduction : There are actually three packs of these, and they go up in difficulty levels. Each pack includes 4 books, a wipe-clean marker (we love UBAM markers!) and the high quality zippered plastic pouch to store them in. As a homeschool family, we use these often for extra practice, review and busy work in the van when we are on the go! Your public school kids would benefit from these as well, these are fantastic for extra practice for them and perfect for summer, winter and holiday breaks!
  2. Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Weather : This is just one out of many Lift-the-Flap books I would recommend for back to school! We have so many great ones to read and explore, they’re packed full of information and my kids LOVE these! This particular one is about weather, and as we are starting a weather science unit I thought it was a good one to share!
  3. Look Inside Space : Similar to the Lift-the-Flap books, these Look Inside books also have flaps and such to explore and read. These are also packed full of information and we have so much fun looking through these. This one about space is our favorite, though we have several! What I really love about these is that they are great for all ages! My youngest, who is 2, enjoys them (with supervision) and this mama (I’m 31!) enjoys looking at them as well! So fun!
  4. Human Body Reference Book : Reference books! This is one of our regular reference books about the human body, so many amazing illustrations and details, but we also have beginner reference books as well! You’ll be SO impressed with the details in the illustrations, my 8 year old has always been fascinated by how her body works, and this was perfect for her!
  5. My First Reference Book About Nature : This is more of a beginner reference book, my littles LOVE pouring over the pictures and illustrations in this book! The pictures and illustrations are not as detailed as the regular reference books, but still beautifully done.
  6. Secrets of the Rain Forest – Shine-a-Light : Shine-a-Light books are SO fun! Your child learns so much in these books while thinking they’re just reading a story, and using a flashlight to peek through to see the pictures on the next page is super cool! We have several of these, but this is one of our favorites! These are also exclusive to Usborne Books & More!
  7. Seasons : This is one of our Young Beginner Reader books, I love incorporating these into our homeschool lessons. Seasons in particular as we just started talking about the weather and the seasons for Science! This one fit in perfectly with what we have been discussing. There are lots more to choose from including Seashore, Bug, Dinosaurs, etc.
  8. 50 Science Things to Make and Do : Science experiments are fun to do whether you’re utilizing them for a homeschool class or for extra fun at home. This is just one book we have that has fun experiments to try, but I love this one because it’s small and more compact. It also has a great binding that allows the book to lie flat!
  9. Learning Wrap-Ups Addition : I know… this isn’t technically a book, HOWEVER, these are fantastic if your child needs some extra help with their math! We have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even ones with states and capitals! It’s a hands-on approach and we love utilizing these when we can.
  10. Lifesize : This is one of my personal favorites, this book came out earlier this year and it’s AMAZING! Compare your hand size to that of a polar bear, go eye to eye with a squid! You get to see what lifesize animals are like up CLOSE up! So fun, educational and the illustrations are gorgeous.

So there you have it… our top 10 favorite UBAM books for back to school! Do you have some personal favorites you love for this time of year! This is only a small glimpse of all the amazing books Usborne Books & More has to offer. Feel free to contact me for more information, or check out my shopping page HERE! Book a party with me by contacting me on my Facebook page HERE and tell me this secret phrase (BACKTOSCHOOL) to get an extra $20 in FREE books with a qualifying party!


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