Family Update

Yes, yes, another LONG overdue family update. It feels like ever since we moved to Tennessee that we’ve been going at high speed without a break in sight. We are constantly on the move, working on projects, there’s never any rest and this momma is BEAT!

J is doing great at his job, it’s of course stressful and very busy, but he seems to have a great staff. And even though the company is selling all of their nursing homes this year, we have high hopes that whatever company takes over will be exactly what the nursing facility and staff need to continue caring for their residents. J is also doing a lot of work around the house, current project is painting the interior, and then on nice days we are working on the backyard. We have definitely decided that this is not the home for us and will be listing it in 2019 and moving closer to Justin’s facility. Until then, we are just knocking out projects to update the house!

Boogie is almost done with her first year of “official” homeschool – she is going to be a kindergarten graduate! How crazy is that? She is a phenomenal reader, she’s already reading advanced chapter books and sometimes I can’t get her to stop reading! She’s grown so much this past year, sometimes I feel like she’s grown too much. This move has aged her in a way that I didn’t know was possible. She’s such a good big sister, she adores Bear. She is trying very hard to get along with Bubby, but they really butt heads… a lot of that has to do with his sensory stuff though, and she’s not sure how to handle it. We’re working on it though! Boog also loves her sister, I love the relationship I see blossoming between the two of them now that Bird can communicate and play more as a big two year old!

Bubby has come a long way since the move. He too has grown a lot, and the move affected him in good and not so good ways. We are very thankful that this move did bring us to an amazing occupational therapist. She is such a blessing to us, she’s able to reach Asher when I can’t. He’s learned so much from her and adores her, he even looks forward to going to his therapy now. He can now write his name all by himself, he’s identifying more of his ABC’s and he’s learning to identify numbers as well. Some of his behaviors he was exhibiting this time last year are almost entirely gone, while others have popped up. He’s trying so hard though, I know he’s hurting and stressed. I know he is anxious and still feels unsettled. He constantly asks when we are going back to our old house, which of course makes us feel awful and part of me wonders if we should have rented it out instead of selling it so we could go back someday. I’m praying that the next six months shows more growth and maturity, that not only he will learn to cope with some of his sensory needs but that I will learn better ways to help him as well.

Bird… oh Bird. She is a sassy pants. Welcoming Bear into the world completely disrupted her “baby” life and I think it threw her for a loop. My sweet girl has picked up on some of her older siblings less desirable behaviors, so we are trying to nip that in the bud real quick. Her red hair has definitely been showing, but let me tell you… she’s also the sweetest two year old and she has her daddy wrapped so tight, he cannot tell that girl no! She seems to be a lot like Boogie when it comes to learning, she has been following along with Bubby’s school work and picking up on her ABC’s. She really is precious and I hate that she’s growing up on me so quick! She loves picking out her clothes and she HAS to have a bow for her hair every day. She’s also rotten and sassy sassy sassy like I said and a whole lot of mess, but we all adore her!

Bear, oh sweet sweet Baby Bear. This boy is a delight. He is literally my sunshine when the rest of the world seems gloomy. On my hardest days parenting the older three, he makes everything seem better. He sleeps y’all. Like REALLY sleeps. He doesn’t stay attached to me wanting to nurse 24/7 like the big kids, he is content being worn and sucking on a pacifier and only wants to eat when he’s hungry or super tired. He’s always happy, he’s always smiling, he is so incredibly precious. He’s got these big beautiful blue eyes and they just melt me. I can’t even describe to you how much he has blessed us, he is literally the PERFECT last addition to our family. He IS our mic drop. I can’t wait to see his personality blossom and get to know the little man he is becoming.

As for me, I’m tired. Very, very tired. This move has exhausted me mentally, physically, spiritually… emotionally. I’ve been feeling a little lost amongst the chaos of everything, a little lonely, a little regretful and maybe a little overwhelmed. Okay… a lot overwhelmed. I’m not really sure where I fit into our world these days, I’m always busy doing something. I’ve had to step away from things I really love so that I don’t just go insane. You’ll probably see less giveaways and reviews on my blog, I have a few up right now but two of those are actually made by a sweet blogging friend from Mama Banana Adventures. We just have so much going on getting the house updated, parenting away from our families (i.e. less date nights and breaks for mommy), homeschooling, etc etc. It’s just a lot on my plate! Pray for me? Hoping that as we get closer to our one year anniversary of moving that I will feel more settled and relaxed about everything.

I’ve got some ideas to implement on Mustard Seed Mommy, I would love to start sharing more of our homeschooling journey with you. If you have any prayer requests just post a comment below, I would be happy to lift you up while you do the same for me! God bless!

Those Last Firsts

When J and I got married we knew we wanted to start trying for a baby right away. We wanted a family but we weren’t sure how many children we wanted yet. I was pretty set on having a large family while J was set on just two or three. I think it’s evident who won that battle!

I was excited about first seeing those red lines pop up on that first positive pregnancy test. And hear our baby’s heartbeat for the very first time. Feel the soft kicks and nudges in the second trimester, and the harder more pronounced movements in the third. Holding that sweet baby for the first time and taking in every smell, yawn and adorable face she made…. so on and so forth. What I didn’t anticipate was how I would feel experiencing our last firsts.

Baby Bear will be our last baby, with that comes a lot of last firsts. The last time I would tear up seeing those red lines pop up on the first test I took. The last time I would hear his heartbeat for the first time. The last time I would feel his first kicks and nudges. The last time I would have a pronounced bump for the first time. I didn’t realize how excited and how devastated all of those things would make me feel. Bear is going to be the last baby I hold for the first time, the last baby I smell and touch and kiss for the first time. He will be the last baby I see smile for the first time, hear giggle for the first time, crawl and walk and talk for the first time.

There will continue to be firsts, some that I have yet to experience. But in this period of my life, I’ll be saying goodbye to the pregnancy first, and soon after the new baby firsts, then the toddler firsts. I’m not sure where life is going to lead us, or what crazy adventures we’ll have as these babies grow and mature… all I know is that I will always look back and treasure all of the firsts from these stages.

Something I’ve learned after having several babies is that you become so busy with the mundane day to day, the cooking and the cleaning, the kissing boo-boos and reading board books that you don’t realize how fast the time goes by. You don’t realize how quickly those firsts will fly by and you learn to appreciate them just a bit more. So mommas, take a moment to treasure those moments, even if you have to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce those magical moments.

Baby Banana Brush Review

Baby Banana Brush Review

This is a product I wish I had discovered sooner. This is the Baby Banana Brush – or technically the one Bird is gnawing on is the Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush. Bird has several teeth and has been getting in some molars and canines this past month, so when I contacted the Baby Banana Brush company they asked me a few questions about Bird to get a better idea of what brushes we would need. They sent me the brush you see in the above picture and the Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush.

The Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush is for toddlers who still need the gentleness of a teething brush but are also old enough to start teeth brushing. This allows Bird to massage those sore gums and practice her teeth brushing skills!

The Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush is a good next step, or really you could introduce this soon after letting your toddler use the Banana brush. This brush has a normal toothbrush bristle end, but the handle is a flexible rubber that makes it a safe way for your toddler to learn to brush. We haven’t pulled this one out of the package yet, so I don’t have any photos of it as of yet.

The other products they carry are the regular and pink Baby Banana Brushes which have handles for your baby to easily grasp and the same soft flexible bristle end to gnaw on, very similar to the toddler training brush. They also have an octopus brush, a shark brush and a corn brush that are all great for little teethers! Baby Banana also carry a tooth gel for brushing, and a hippo grippo (these are used for high chairs to keep your little ones from sliding everywhere – genius!).

If you have a teething baby or a child ready to start brushing regularly, I highly recommend the Baby Banana Brush company! You’ll be seeing this company again in our giveaway tomorrow!

Mint 2 Sew Review

When I started contacting companies to find sponsors for my giveaway I wanted to include small work at home mom businesses. A friend of mine recommended a few different WAHMs and I’m so excited to share Mint 2 Sew with you!

Lindsey, the owner of Mint 2 Sew, specializes in customized cloth diapers, baby/kid clothing (including maxaloones, romperloones, bandana bibs, booties, undies, dresses, leggings, and more!), and momma clothing. The possibilities are endless and you will find an array of fun fabrics to choose from in her Facebook Group.

I wasn’t sure what I would receive to review but I was excited to receive anything as I had already been browsing and loving every item I saw posted on Mint 2 Sew’s facebook page and group. When I opened my package… y’all, I squealed with delight. Two words. LISA. FRANK.

Mint 2 SewReview

I don’t know about you, but like millions of other little girls in the 90’s, I was obsessed with Lisa Frank. I had to have Lisa Frank EVERYTHING. Talk about nostalgia! Bird could care less what prints we put on her tush, but Boogie was so excited to see the bright colors and critters on this cloth diaper. She hasn’t really discovered the awesome neon colors and creativity of Lisa Frank, but after seeing her reaction to this diaper, I may have to introduce her to more! (2)

Lindsey’s craftmanship is stellar, the stitching is impeccable, the design of this pocket diaper is pretty cool as well. I like the way she has placed the opening a little more inside the diaper than what a typical pocket is. This helps cover the inserts a little better, we seem to have issues with inserts wanting to pop out the back of Bird’s diapers sometimes. Drives me crazy! (3)

The fit is fantastic, I was able to get a snug fit without feeling like the elastics were too snug on her chunky legs. The inner fabric is nice and soft, no worries of irritation or rubbing on her delicate skin. And obviously I’m in love with the print, you just can’t go wrong with Lisa Frank!

We’ve had no leaks from this diaper as of yet, I’ve been using a basic microfiber insert inside of it, I’m looking forward to using it more often in rotation with the rest of our diapers! Unfortunately I was so excited to put this dipe on Bird that she soiled it before I could take inner pictures, so keep an eye on this post for photos of the inside of this diaper sometime in the next week! Be sure to like Mint 2 Sew’s facebook page and join the Group to see all the wonderful products Lindsey makes! And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the BIG giveaway going live in just a few short weeks! There will be a little something from Mint 2 Sew included!

Beau & Belle Little Swim Diaper Review

Beau and Belle LittlesSwim Diaper Review


You may remember a few months back when I posted a review for these amazing bamboo wash cloths, they are the softest most gentle wash cloths you could hope for for your little ones. Well, Beau & Belle Little are back for review, but this time I’m reviewing their adorable washable swim diapers!

PicMonkey Collage

They sent me both prints to review, and if you keep an eye on the blog in the next month or so you might just see these again for our big giveaway!!!!


I think the prints are adorable, and I love that they are gender neutral. Bird’s favorite was the turtles, so I let her play with that one while she modeled the one with fish and octopuses (octopi?).


These are a one size diaper (6-40lbs), so you can snap down the rises so that they will fit smaller or larger babies. I have Bird’s set on the medium rise in these photos.


A really cool feature on this diaper are the side snaps, instead of your typical closure that comes around the front and velcros or snaps, these go around to the side and snap. I’m not sure if you can tell in the above picture, but it is a really neat way to get a good fit on these diapers. IMG_2610

The lining is very soft, so no worries about your child’s skin becoming irritated or sore. I know our kids have sensitive skin and those disposable swim diapers always seem to irritate them, especially after playing in the water.


You don’t find this feature on many swim diapers – a double gusset! You won’t have to worry about those poops going anywhere when you’re playing in the pool. These diapers will keep it contained! Just remember that while these diapers will contain poo, they will not contain urine… that’s not what swim diapers are for! I told Bird she better not pee on my bed while I took these photos, ha!


I’m a big fan of this company, they only carry these swim diapers and the wash cloths I reviewed before, but these products are super high quality and ones we will continue to use for years. You can find more information on Beau & Belle Littles HERE and you can purchase their swim diapers from Amazon HERE. (Affiliate link)