A Little Bit of Crazy

I thought we might be past due for a classic family update, I haven’t been doing many of those lately and while I have said over and over again that I was going to get back to writing about our family I just haven’t! There are many reasons for that but most importantly I’ve been spending more time with my kids and less time blogging. Anyways, I have big plans for this little blog of mine this year. You’ll learn more throughout the next few months, including seeing many reviews for some awesome products, and a big giveaway to celebrate my 8 year blogiversary in April!


Anyways, things in the Mustard Seed house have been crazy and LOUD and adventurous to say the least. J has been working a lot (including staying over at work for a few days this past weekend and a few weeks ago due to poor weather) and he started his second semester of school a few weeks ago. He’s doing great, he’s tired, but I’m so proud of all the hard work he’s putting into this job and education. We are working on some projects together as well, we have really gotten into wood working since building our king sized bed last spring. We made some monogrammed ornaments for our family for Christmas, some picture holder signs for our mom’s, a coffee table, and we are currently working on loft beds for our kids! It’s so fun and a great way for us to bond when we otherwise don’t have the time or energy to do much of anything, including going out.


Boogie has been working on some kindergarten curriculum this semester, she finished her Big Preschool Workbook last semester so we moved on to other things. We are halfway through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and she LOVES it. She’s already able to read a lot of her favorite books, with some help with the bigger words, seeing her face light up when she realized that she could read was AMAZING. Homeschool for the win! We are also using Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics that I purchased from a friend a while back, it’s no longer in print, so I’m hoping to find more similar to this as Boogie really enjoys this particular book. She flies through her school work and is hungry to learn more and more. I will have to find some easy ways to teach her all the fun things she wants to learn – she’s super interested in the human body, animals, and baking/cooking…. so I’m planning to include those in our studies these next few months.


Bubby is growing up so fast, I was astounded to discover that he is now in a size 4T pants when we were trying on clothes for this coming year last week. His 3T pants weren’t too short yet, but I guess I’ve been in denial because the 4T fit him perfectly! We are trying out different ways to handle Bubby’s behaviors, I haven’t really posted about this much, but our sweet boy is quite a handful. Our hope is that we can help him learn to handle his emotions a little better, that’s all I really want to say about that for the moment. Bubby loves being a “big boy”, he’s officially potty trained, though he does need to wear a pull up at night as he doesn’t wake up to go potty. But he’s done a great job being independent about changing back into undies the next morning. He is super into everything super heroes, so that includes being wild and crazy all the time as well! I’ve tried some preschool/tot school stuff with him, but I’m going to have to be more creative with how I go about teaching him. That child can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes unless he’s got something to munch on or his favorite movie is on! He wants to be like his big sister and sit for school, but he just can’t handle it. Any suggestions would be great! 😀


Bird has been the perfect addition to our family, she is a breath of fresh air. She’s definitely a toddler now (I will not cry…. I will not cry…) and is showing her desire for independence but is also very much a clingy, mommy milk loving baby still. She loves to run around with her siblings and “try” to play with them, she is not afraid to let them know she wants to play or when she doesn’t like something they are doing. She loves playing with her babies, Bubby’s super hero action figures and anything that rolls. She loves being outside and still sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth. So that’s super fun. We are still bedsharing with this sweet girl, but she’s learning to sleep in her own bed as well. As of right now she sleeps the first few hours of bedtime in her own bed and then wakes up around 1-2am and sleeps the rest of the night with us. It works for us, so we don’t mind! And let me tell you, that baby likes to sleep. If she could sleep in in the morning, she’d probably sleep until 10!


As for me, I’m planning some fun things for Mustard Seed Mommy and I have some dreams I would like to pursue in the next year… if I can save up the money to do so I would love to sell Lularoe. If you haven’t heard about Lularoe you’re missing out. Two words…. butter pants. Check it out, you won’t regret it!


Anyways, that’s it for now. Life is crazy and hectic for us, we are always busy and I can’t believe how big my babies are. Having a 5, 3 and 1 year old all at once is an adventurous journey. I wouldn’t want it any other way! God bless!

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

I discovered Freshly Picked when I was pregnant with Baby Bird. I thought they were the CUTEST little shoes I had ever seen. I loved the soft soles and that they use real leather (and it’s incredibly soft and malleable). I snagged a pair of size 2 in dusty rose (don’t take my word on that…. I THINK that’s the color, this color is no longer in their shop!)


I bought them bigger because I knew that we wouldn’t put shoes on our newborn (call me crazy, but we tend to be practical around here, ha!), so I estimated that around the time she would be walking she’d probably need the size 2. I was, of course, right!


The founder of Freshly Picked is Susan Petersen, I love her story, she was just your ordinary mom who was completely frustrated with the baby shoes in the market when her children were small. So in 2009 she found some scrap leather at a yard sale and started creating different designs until she found one that fit her second baby (Gus)’s feet. She wanted them to look adorable but also stay on his feet! Her moccasins have gone through several changes since that first pair but she has ensured that the moccasins available through Freshly Picked are “durable, well-designed, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot.”

I recently reached out to Freshly Picked to see if they might be open to participating in a giveaway project I wanted to launch in April (you’ll learn more about that through the next several weeks). I was super excited to get a quick response that they would love to work with Mustard Seed Mommy. Not only that, but they sent sweet Bird a new pair of moccs to try. This time I went with the Weathered Brown in size 3.


These are a little big for her right now, but as she is pretty close to outgrowing the size 2 I wanted to make sure she could wear these for a while as well. I love the feel of these compared to the older ones. The dusty rose pair are silky and soft to the touch, while this weathered pair is more down to earth and you can really smell that rich leather smell. I’ve been very impressed with the attention to detail in both pairs of these moccasins. They really ensure that you are getting the highest quality when you buy a pair of shoes from them.


If you plan to invest in some moccasins, I would highly recommend Freshly Picked. While the price is pretty steep, you’re definitely getting a high quality product. If you’re planning on having more children, you can definitely get your moneys worth by buying gender neutral colors (as you can see, that’s what I did).

They are also offering hard soled shoes now as well as a new clothing line for newborns that comes in a bundle with a pair of crib moccs. You seriously can’t go wrong with Freshly Picked.

Take some time and check out their site HERE, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more information on the big giveaway coming in a few weeks, I’ll be giving out more hints and reviewing more products that could be included!

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite Freshly Picked moccasin color?

Freshly Picked MoccasinsReview


The Vintage Honey Shop Teething Necklace Review

The Vintage HoneyTeething Necklace Review (1)

I know what you’re thinking. ANOTHER teething necklace review?!? Yes, yes indeed. You’re going to LOVE this necklace though, I promise!

The Vintage Honey Shop was started by two best friends, Jen and Mel thought it would be fun and opened their first etsy shop in 2011. Every necklace is handcrafted and designed to be safe, functional…. and of course, stylish! You will find silicone teething jewelry, fabric teething jewelry (some with wooden nursing rings as seen in my necklace photo above) and daddy teething necklaces.  I’ve included a collage of these different styles below, excluding the wooden nursing ring necklace that I’m wearing.

PicMonkey Collage

I was very excited when this showed up in my mailbox, first impressions are key when you want to keep your fan base growing… The Vintage Honey Shop doesn’t disappoint. When I pulled my necklace out of the mailing envelope I discovered that the necklace was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with twine. Beneath the twine was a pretty white paper doily and a card with a cute little pin with a yellow bee printed on it. Upon unwrapping, which I didn’t want to do because it was just so pretty, I found their safety cards, business card and my necklace was tied around their business logo tag. Adorable!


I didn’t get to pick the necklace I would review but they sure nailed it with this one. As you can see, I’m a fan of grey and yellow – that’s my bedspread in the background of the above photos. I received the Sunset Floral Ring Teething Necklace, you can see closer details of this gorgeous necklace below.


The quality of this necklace is superb. The wooden ring is so smooth, the fabric is beautiful and soft, every detail is perfect. You can really tell that The Vintage Honey Shop takes great pride in their products, it truly shows in their workmanship. Baby Bird is a fan, she especially liked the wooden ring as it’s easy for her to grab and easy for her to chew on when I’m wearing her (even on my back!).

You will find all of The Vintage Honey Shop’s social media sites below, and be sure to check out their website HERE. Order your own beautiful necklace and use the coupon code VHSHARE for 15% off your order!


mustardseedmommy.com (1)

Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

ButtonsCloth DiaperReview

We are going to be diving back into the world of cloth diapers soon… I’m SO excited! I have missed those sweet little chunky cloth butts in my life. If you don’t remember, I posted a while back about all the issues we had with cloth diapers when we moved into our house in 2014. We have REALLY hard well water here and it was making washing our diapers impossible. Poor Bubby had rash after rash and we couldn’t put Baby Bird through that as a newborn. So we threw in the towel. I’m wishing now that I had held onto my stash, but I’m also a little excited to start building it again! We will be installing a whole house water filter in February, this should help with all the extra minerals in our water that make washing diapers so difficult! Hip hip hurray!


I’ve reviewed this brand of diaper before, it was right at the tale end of our cloth diapering journey actually. I received a pink one because hello…. we had a baby girl on the way and Bubby modeled it for me! Unfortunately I cannot find any of those photos, ugh! Anyways, he was about 25-27lbs and like 22 months old at the time. This diaper fit him perfectly, and I was super excited to find that there was no gap in the leg holes… that has always been an issue with my skinny legged children. They have these tiny leg rolls that make them look chunky, but they are actually super tiny!


I just love these diapers and they sent us the CUTEST print, this one has fox and feathered arrows all over it (I can’t share a link, I can’t seem to find this print in stock anywhere right now!). I think this is the PERFECT diaper to start our stash! In this above photo I tried it on Bird with the biggest snapped rise. These diapers have two snap down rises, so three sizes in all. The unsnapped size seems to fit her best, but I will add that she did have a disposable under this for the photos (because again, I don’t want to try washing this until we have our filter installed!).


You can see that it fits a bit better like this. And seriously, how cute is that print? The inserts for these snap in in both the front and the back, this is great because it keeps the insert from sliding around. When I tried this brand of diaper with Bubby I loved how absorbent the inserts were. They are super soft and held a lot of moisture…. which was great for Bubby because he was always a super soaker!


As you can see, the Buttons Cloth Diapers company embroiders a button on the back of their diapers, this is an adorable way to “brand” their diapers. These come in many different colors and prints, some of their seasonal prints are adorable. You can find them on Amazon HERE or directly on their site (where you can also find other retailers) HERE.

If you’re interested in technical information, these diapers come with double leg gussets (no gap!), two layers of wipeable PUL (so you can take out the wet insert, wipe the cover clean and snap a new insert in!), snap in inserts (that come in TWO different sizes), and these fit approximately 9-35lbs. We highly recommend this brand, on Amazon you can get these for $13 for the covers and inserts vary depending on size and quantity. These are super versatile and easy to use!

Disclaimer: I received a free product in return for an honest and unbiased review. All statements and opinions are my own.

Bright Starts Birthday Party Play Date


Bright Starts Birthday Party

My sweet Baby Bird turned one last week! Can you believe it? This year has gone by so fast, much faster than it did with Boogie and Bubby. I’ll be posting a one year update for her soon. We had Bird’s birthday party last weekend and we decided to combine it with a playdate with our new Bright Starts toys!


Unfortunately, due to many circumstances, including that we live pretty far out for most of our friends and there has been a nasty bug going around almost all of our little buddies… none of our baby friends were able to make it. I’m glad that Bird didn’t have a clue, but it does make me a little sad! But we still had fun with the grandparents (and Uncle Dylan!), and then our little buddy Able showed up later in the evening to say Happy Birthday!


After we enjoyed Bird’s birthday party I took some time to sit down in the floor with her a few days later to play with her new Bright Starts toys. We received some pretty fun things and she has really enjoyed them!


The first toy we played with was the Learn & Giggle Fish, this toy (as are the other toys) are recommended for ages 6-36 months. This has two play modes, one is a learning mode and the other is a music mode. Bird seems to enjoy the music mode the best. Bubby enjoys this toy out of the three the most, he calls it his “iPad”. I actually am not as attracted to this one… the lights are SO bright. I was actually a little surprised as to how bright they were! But the kids love it, so that’s really what matters!


The next toy that we played with was the Learn & Giggle Activity Station. This one is SO fun! All three of my kiddos enjoy it, and even though it’s recommended for up to 36 months, Boogie (she’ll be 5 at the end of the month) enjoys playing with this one, especially when Bird joins in the fun!


This activity station is so cute, it’s set up like a window, and it’s easy for your little ones to play with this sitting down or standing up. Each pane has a different picture and some buttons that you can push and that light up as well. There’s a flip book, a dog bone, a spinning sunshine, and a funny little fish bowl that lights up when you press the cat’s paw down. (That is Boogie’s favorite!).


Your baby/toddler can learn about the different times of day, colors, shapes, cause and effect… and so much more with this fun toy! I highly recommend this one if you’re still looking for some ideas for Christmas!


This last toy is a Giggable, I think this might be Bird’s favorite! You can get several different animals including the tiger we received, a blue dog, a pink cat, a monkey, a frog and a bumblebee. These are like balls but you can roll them across the floor and the top part of the animal stays in place as it wobbles and rolls. It giggles and talks as it rolls and even makes the animal sounds of the animal you have!

We have had a lot of fun playing with these toys, it is wonderful having a company like Bright Starts that makes such fun and educational toys for our smallest little ones! Bright Starts has always been a favorite in our family!

Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Bright Starts sponsored Play Date. The opinions expressed here are my own.