Project 365: Day 5

Ok… so I didn’t take any pictures today… so instead I took OTHER people’s pictures… yea. I couldn’t get a good picture of one of these, and the other one I don’t have yet… so I’m cheating. I’m sorry. Forgive me?

First up…. my new diaper bag! My original plan was to get a Miller Bag from Vera Bradley… however all the prints I liked were sold out (I was planning on getting it on sale… needless to say, I was bummed)… so we went on a hunt for a diaper bag that I liked. I wanted a tote that was large, I hate those little tiny diaper bags that you have to strategically place diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, etc in and even after doing so you can’t find anything. This bag is roomy, the interior can be wiped clean with a baby wipe, and it’s super cute! I love the Bumble line that Carter’s made!

Next up…. I was browsing the Cloth Diapering board on and someone had posted a thread stating that this store: Punkerdoops Diapers was going out of business and that everything left in her store was 20% off if you used the code SAVE20 when you purchased… long story short, the woman that owns the store sells out of her home, mainly out of her basement where she keeps everything organized. Someone complained and reported her, and she was told she couldn’t keep her store open in her home… I feel horrible for her, I hope she finds a way to continue selling diapers and other fluff! Well… I did benefit from this however, I’ve been wanting an Ergo Carrier. I found one on Craigslist for $60, but the woman who had it was rude and not willing to accept my $70 offer if she would meet me halfway to pick it up. Well… after using the 20% off savings on Punkerdoops, I purchased the Ergo Carrier and the Newborn Insert for $106 (including shipping)… which is exactly how much it would have cost me to buy the ergo off the rude woman and then buy the insert full price. God must have known I wanted… maybe even needed??? lol! one of these! Woohoo!

Project 365: Day 4

Sorry this is blurry…

Today I spent the majority of the day doing homework for my online classes… yay me! Then J and I went to town to pick up a few things we needed (pants for J primarily)… and we managed to come home without spending anymore money on Boogie! I couldn’t believe it! My daughter is already spoiled, normally any time we go to town we come home with at least one thing for her! LOL! We finished off the day by picking me up my last “meal” of the day (I’ll explain that in a minute) from a local pizzaria and headed to Nanny’s to sit in front of her cozy wood stove… YES! It’s wood stove season… at least at Nanny’s house! We got home from Nanny’s and I shut myself up in the bedroom and did some last minute stuff for school and then J came in to cuddle 🙂 hence the blurry picture (thank you Droid camera phone).
Now to explain my random meals of the day. Pregnancy has thrown my normal eating routine out the window… I don’t eat breakfast, I can’t. Typically I eat crackers, dry cheerios, or something bland in the a.m. because I can’t keep anything else down… whatever I’m eating gets washed down with good ole’ Gingerale. Yum. NOT. The rest of the day I have no schedule. I eat when I’m hungry or nauseus… and usually the rest of the day I’m nauseus because of hunger, not because of morning sickness. For instance, today, I had a bowl of Chicken Ramen around 1pm, a Sonic Burger, Sonic Fries, and sliced apples at 4pm, and then I had a stromboli and a side salad at 8pm. So again… random food hours. ::Sigh::
An update on Boogie… she is fantastic! She is moving as I type actually, kicking up a storm. I’m loving being able to finally feel her all over my tummy instead of just at the base of my tummy! My next appointment is on Thursday, and I’ll give you a good update then as well! Until then… goodnight!

Project 365: Day 2

Day 2! It’s October 2 and I have reached week 27 in my pregnancy! That means that I am one week away from starting my 3rd trimester and that there are only 13 weeks until January 1st! WOOHOO! I took pictures from my favorite pregnancy book called Your Pregnancy, 6th Edition, by Glade B. Curtis, M.D., M.P.H. & Judith Schuler, M.S.

Project 365: Day 1

Day 1 is all about Miss Boogie 🙂

A diaper bag to be exact, but not your typical diaper bag. This is going to be my husband’s bag to carry around when he has Boogie all to himself…KISS freak? Indeed! It has roomy pockets big enough for cloth diapers, and it even has it’s own changing pad. I wasn’t sure whether to be super excited or to laugh hysterically… but oh how I love my KISS freak 😀

The Princess Room

Well, most of you know that I have never been a huge fan of pink. Ever since we found out Boogie was in fact… well… Boogie, my husband has been determined to turn everything PINK! So… here is Boogie’s “finished” room, which I have now dubbed the “princess room”. Keep in mind that her name letters have not been painted yet, but we wanted to hang them so I could figure out where I wanted the decals…and we have yet to find curtains we like!