Mundane Monday

Today has been a pretty typical, boring day in the Massey household. J was off today so we decided to start our morning with a trip to the library… and as usual I found several books to read while Justin found zilch. I also needed my Flint Monster cuddles, and I knew Janelle wasn’t feeling well… so J and I headed over to kidnap the older 3 for a picnic at the park. They had a blast… and were VERY excited that J came to play! He even played on the playground with them! He was a little too big for the slide and tunnel however… I’m thinking he’s going to regret that later tonight lol! Other than that… we have our birthing class tonight and then we’ll probably come home and watch a movie and go to sleep. Or attempt sleep… which is a typical night for me :-\

Boogie is being ornery as ever… running out of room and making sure mommy knows! I thought I was having a painful Braxton Hick contraction this morning… but no. It was Boogie. As soon as I put my hand on that spot that felt like my uterus was hard she moved away and kicked the CRAP out of me! Little booger. At the moment she’s stretching so my tummy looks like a watermelon, hopefully she’ll calm down a bit during our birthing class so I can move around a bit better!

Project 365: Day 2

Day 2! It’s October 2 and I have reached week 27 in my pregnancy! That means that I am one week away from starting my 3rd trimester and that there are only 13 weeks until January 1st! WOOHOO! I took pictures from my favorite pregnancy book called Your Pregnancy, 6th Edition, by Glade B. Curtis, M.D., M.P.H. & Judith Schuler, M.S.