Happy 3rd Birthday Bubby!

My sweet boy turns THREE years old today. How fast these years have flown by and being this little one’s mommy has been a whirlwind of an adventure! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, I just hope I remember to buckle my seat belt because I’m afraid it’s going to be and even more wild ride!


We love you to the moon and back Bubby, I pray that you always remember how much we love and adore you, that you never lose your sense of adventure and that you meet a woman as sassy as Boogie so she can keep you straight! Hugs and kisses monster man!

QuickZip Fitted Crib Zipper Sheet Set Review

If you’re a veteran parent then you know that when your baby has a leaky diaper or spits up, or if your toddler has an accident in the middle of the night that changing those crib/toddler bed sheets is SUCH a pain. Especially when said baby/toddler is fussy and ready to lay back down! These sheets are the solution! I didn’t even know these existed, but I’m pretty excited about them!


As you can see there is a base sheet that goes on the mattress, then you have the top sheet that just zips on and off! It’s such a breeze! I didn’t get a shot of the sheets on Bubby’s bed, but I got one of him sleeping on them soundly 🙂



When you purchase these from Amazon you get one top sheet and one bottom sheet, you’ll want to order an additional top sheet so that you can easily replace the dirty sheet without having to wait for it to be washed and dried!

You can find the top/bottom set HERE and the single top sheets HERE. We chose the gray sheets so that they would work for Bubby and Baby Bird.

I also love that these are pre-shrunk, so no worries that the sheets will shrink up the first time you wash them. We are looking forward to trying these in the crib as well, we all know that that’s the WORST place to have to change sheets in the middle of the night!


Disclaimer: I received a free product in return for an honest and unbiased review. All statements are mine and mine alone.

Easy Magnetic Snap Lock Closure Kids Water Sandals Review

I have had the hardest time finding sandals for Bubby to wear this summer. My little man has wide little feet, so most sandals end up rubbing blisters on his feet or if you buy actual wide sized shoes they end up being TOO wide!


Gold Pigeon sandals are amazing, these shoes fit Bubby’s feet like a glove. They are adjustable (slightly) and super easy to secure with the magnetic snap lock closure pictured below.

Stock Photo
Stock Photo

Bubby was more excited that his sandals hair “errplanes” (aka airplanes) on them! He was also pretty stoked that these were shoes he could put on himself!



Some features include:

*Easy & Secure Magnetic Snap Lock Closure .

*Fully Adjustable Padded Straps for Perfect Fit and Comfort

*Convertible Heel Strap for Wearing 2 Ways

*Shock Absorbing Mid Sole for Cushioning and Flexibility

*Slip Resistant Out Sole Wet or Dry

*Water Prove with Quick Dry Lining

You can see the entire assortment of sandals at their website HERE, they have sizes and styles for everyone in your family!

We received a free pair of shoes in return for an open and honest review. All statements and opinions are that of MSM.

Out with the Old…. In with the New…

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of personal posts in the past year. I’m not going to lie.. blogging has become a chore. I’ve had a lot more products offered up for reviews and giveaways and I guess I felt obligated to do it. That’s going to stop. I have 5 or so reviews due this month, two of those will include giveaways… but after that I’m going to limit those to baby/kid specific items and probably one (maybe two) a month. Beyond that this blog is going back to what it used to be. About our growing family! When Boogie and Bubby were itty bitty like Baby Bird I posted monthly updates on them, and as you can see… Baby Bird has been left in the dust when it comes to those updates. I want to be able to make a book with all of our family posts for our children to have when they grow up… so that has to change!

So what’s to come? Probably a few posts about my boy. Bubby is by far my most challenging child, this little boy of mine has a nice set of lungs on him, it feels like lately all he does is SCREAM. And when I say scream, I mean blood curdling, ear breaking SCREAMS. It’s awful. And honestly, I haven’t a clue as to how I’m supposed to handle that.

There will be posts about home schooling, Boogie is 4, and we will be starting more kindergarten based stuff when the public schools start back in August. Though we won’t be on the same schedule, I wanted to have time between now and then to get my act together in regards to school.

I’m hoping to go back and post some late updates on Baby Bird, she’s growing like a weed! Can you believe she’s almost 5 months old! Yikes! Where did the time go?

So… bear with me as I get back to my old blogging self! Toodles!

Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair/ Child Harness Review

Before we had Bubby, all we had known about taking our children out was that Boogie always stayed with us, she sat in her high chair or regular chair and didn’t stand or jump or try to get away… she was very good out in public. Then we had Bubby and Bubby started walking… and sitting in a high chair. It took a little longer for him to ride in a buggy because normally I just wore him… but he was completely and TOTALLY different than his older sister!

We discovered early on that the buckles in buggies and high chairs would not confine our little man. He stood, he jumped, he turned around backwards, he tried to escape… boys are SO fun!

Now that we have our third precious baby (and she truly is an angel), it’s even more prudent that we find a way to keep our son safe. When I came across the Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair Harness I just knew I had to try it… surely it could help us a little, right?

Stock Image
Stock Image

That picture is what sold me on this product. Yes! That little boy is doing exactly what my Bubby has done SO MANY TIMES in the store. And when you finally get him to sit down, he SCREAMS. It worked ladies and gentleman. that little harness kept my son in the buggy through an entire grocery trip. He didn’t like it, he might have screamed a little for the first 5 minutes, but once everything was said and done, he was SAFE, he was SECURE, and the trip ended on a happy note after all.

Fast forward to today when I tried to take pictures of him in his chair with it on. Yea… that so didn’t happen. I guess it’s one thing to use it in public, at home… no uh.



I’m not sure that you can tell, but both kids pitched a fit. First Asher, then when I asked Elah to help… nope. So, introducing Bear… the bear.



He cooperated very well. I do think this will come in handy for Baby Bird someday as it has for Bubby. I much prefer to use this instead of the grimy, dirty buckles in the restaurant high chairs and store buggies. Sure, I could use a buggy cover… but seriously, who carries those around? We had one with Bubby and Boogie and it NEVER got used because we ALWAYS forgot it. At least here I can wipe down the cart or chair, and then use this instead of the yucky buckles!

Stock Photo
Stock Photo

As you can see, it fits most chairs, and it can also function as a child harness, or as we call them… a leash. We will not be using ours for this purpose but if you choose to do so… go for it!

Stock Photo
Stock Photo

You can purchase one of these at Amazon by clicking the image below, it’s $26.99 and eligible for Prime shipping (and FREE returns if you aren’t satisfied with the product!).

I received a free product for this review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.