God is in Control Sarah!

I have constantly struggled with fully relying on Christ from day 1. I am a control freak. There I admitted it. I like things to go MY way, and if they don’t go my way, I totally freak. (Just ask my husband! LOL) I am working on finding a way to remind myself to let things go and let God handle it. Something I have thought about a lot is getting a tattoo on my wrist, obviously at the moment I can’t afford one, so it’s out of the question, but it’s still something I think about. Don’t you ever feel like you need a constant reminder that says to you, “Remember GOD is in control.”? I thought about getting some sort of bracelet or ring that could remind me, but I have just never gotten around to it. I’m struggling with contentment, I’m struggling with letting go of control, and I’m struggling with listening to God’s call for me. I feel like my life is a constant back and forth pattern where I am constantly changing my mind because I think I’m doing what God’s asking, but then I’m thinking maybe that’s not what He meant? I’m trying whole heartedly (is that a word?) to listen to Him, and find His words for me… but it is so hard! Another thing I am really struggling with is comparing my life to those around me… I have to stop doing that. My life is grand, I have an amazing husband, precious puppies who I adore, a roof over my head and food in my pantry… yes there are things missing from my life that I still want more than anything, but I have to keep telling myself that for now, I am content. I need to be content. God is in control. Perhaps I should just go find a permanent marker and right God is in control on my wrist…. maybe more pondering from me later.