Hyper Hyper Hyper

Eek! So… let me give you a little history before I tell you about my day. In high school I started drinking hardcore coffee…. like large coffees with shots of expresso from this great little coffeeshop in town. Before school. After school. Another after school. Like seriously, if coffee was a drug, I was an addict. I got a $15 gift card for Christmas my Junior year for this coffee shop and it was GONE in like…. 6 hrs? So… in the past 2 years I have slowly dwindled this addiction down to having an occasional frozen coffee which doesn’t have much coffee in it to begin with. At first it sucked because I had hardcore headaches and ugh. It was just awful. So I moved on to Coca Cola (oh my…. i do love me some coke) and that is my new addiction. Well my friends… this past week has been stressful. I have exams, tests, papers due, and all kinds of school related things keeping me up at night and I wake up EXHAUSTED.

So Monday I ventured to Sonic thinking I’ll buy me a frozen coffee… a little pick me up to help me through the day. But it was FREEZING. So instead…. I bought a large hazelnut coffee. OH MY. Bliss. I had another cup that afternoon. And I just finished off one this morning. I think I have a problem :-\

Today…. I am HYPER! But I have no way to rid myself of this hyperactivity because I need to study study study…. but I’d rather party party party… if only Miss Hannah was here.

Anyways. I have today, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday and I will be done for the semester. Hannah will be home soon. Stephany is coming down from Michigan for Christmas. Janelle’s babies will be here soon… and then I can party! Ah!


Little Monsters

Let me be short and sweet and to the point. Life is good at the moment. We are ok (not great but ok) financially and things are finally starting to look up. We have a plan for next semester as to how to pay off some of our debt (ie car, stupid credit card to help us move, and prepay a years worth of rent to lessen the monthly bills), and I have workstudy going (which is awesome) and I get to help my favorite family with their kids. I like to call these kids “The Flint Monsters”… they’re not actually monsters, they are AMAZING kids (yes Janelle, they are AMAZING) but it’s fun picking on them. Joseph is my “JoJo” except he does NOT like being called that, he always tells me, “No Sarah, my name is Joseph Flint.” LOL! Jesse is my Cuddle Buddy or Booger Butt (don’t ask) and Miss Priss Joyann is my Pouty (or sometimes Sassy) Princess. I love these kids, they never fail to brighten my day and I look forward to helping Janelle keep them occupied and help around the house when she welcomes TWO more babies into the world! Jonathan and James will be here soon and I can’t wait to meet them! Janelle, I am so excited for you and you are an amazing mother… thank you for being my friend and always encouraging me… I was thinking about you guys today and thinking about how soon the babies will be here! YAY!

Anywho… this is my random blog for the day… just thought I’d jot down the many things going through my head!

What’s the Best Part of Autumn?

Playing in the leaves!

These are from my phone… so they are a bit blurry… but you gotta love those Flint Kids 😉