Cleaning Spree

Thank goodness for Mamaw & Papaw… they came over today and loved on Boogie so I could nap… except I didn’t nap. LOL! I ended up taking a shower, doing laundry, and doing some cleaning. And we NEEDED to get some cleaning done! School starts back on Monday, I only have 2 classes that actually start on Monday, but with a new baby in our lives it will be interesting to see how I handle school, housework, and Boogie!

We do have a bit of a dilemma in our household however. Snickers. Snickers is jealous. She’s not mean to Boogie or anything like that, she actually likes to watch her and sniff her… but she is definately annoyed with how much attention the baby gets compared to her. I’ve tried my best to show her love and affection when Boogie isn’t in my arms and JUSTIN needs to do a bit better with that¬†and be a bit more patient with the dogs. Do you hear me honey?!?!?! She is peeing on everything. She NEVER does that. We’ve had a few incidents where she’d pee on the carpet when she’d get mad or if (shame on us) we took to long to take her outside… but what she is doing now is just being downright ornery. She peed on the couch last night, and that wasn’t the first time she’s done that. She KNOWS better. And you know she’s doing it on purpose because she looks RIGHT AT YOU when she’s doing it. UGH! We’ve tried rewarding her for good behavior, setting aside special playtime with her and Mudgett… I don’t know what else to do. I can’t just drop what I’m doing to play with her all the time, especially when Justin isn’t home and I’m the only person to care for Boogie. Hopefully over time Snickers will stop being ornery and realize she’s not being replaced!

Other than that, there’s not much going on. Boogie’s umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday… it was gross. She still has a bit of cord left inside her belly button, but it’s not completely dried out yet, so we’re still waiting for that. She isn’t sleeping much at night, which makes for a pretty sleepy mommy… but like I told my mom, it doesn’t make much of a difference when she sleeps because I’m home with her all the time and can sneak in naps when she sleeps. However, switching my sleep schedule around is a little tough!

Tomorrow we hope to venture out to the Flint’s house for lunch if the weather isn’t too bad… Boogie has met her godmother (obviously considering Janelle was in the L&D room lol) and all 5 of the monsters… but she hasn’t met her godfather yet! So hopefully we’ll get to go over there and hang out for a little while.

Like I said, classes start Monday, so I’ll have 2 classes to work on starting next week. Then Wednesday isBoogie’s 2 week checkup, I have my 2 week checkup with Dolly (the midwife), and at some point I have to go out to AB Tech to see my academic advisor. Boogie’s not even 2 weeks old yet and we haven’t slowed down! Justin is off for vacation starting on Wednesday, and I believe he has 9 full days off… that will be wonderful! Hopefully we won’t drive each other completely crazy ūüėČ

1 Week Old

One week ago today… literally just minutes ago… I gave birth to my beautiful little girl! It’s already going by so fast that I’m almost afraid to breathe. We’ve been going 24/7 since we got home from the hospital, and honestly I’m not happy about that! It’s been one thing after another, and being a new mom who is EBF (exclusively breastfeeding) and having to attempt that in public, it’s just a little stressful. Luckily the few times we’ve gone out, with a few exceptions, my mom has been with me and that helped a lot.

Today, J wanted to take Boogie to meet his Mamaw, which was totally ok… she can’t get around very well, and I know how much she wanted to meet her great granddaughter. However… this small trip turned into going to the grandparents house, and having her other great grandmother, and cousin, and great aunt over. I was expecting to go see J’s Mamaw and then come home to relax. Apparently that wasn’t his intentions. It was really hard for me to do just the trip to his Mamaws… my daughter will never have that chance to meet my grandparents like she has with J’s. There were many times today that I just wanted to break down into tears and just cry my heart out. And to add more people wanting to hold Boogie when all I wanted to do was go home and hold her and cry… it was just not a good day. J’s family is really tight knit and they are always getting together for holidays, dinners at Nanny’s and etc. I’m really just not used to that. My family (as in dad’s family) gets together one time¬†a year for Christmas, my mom’s family live over 8 hours away. I’m just not used to having so many people wanting to meet my daughter and see her all the time. I’m having trouble wanting to share her… my heart hurts tonight.

It’s not fair that my grandparents can’t be here to see this beautiful little girl, to hold her and love on her. My heart aches to see my Granny hold her and give her those wet sloppy kisses that I miss so much. To see my Papaw hold her and tickle her cheeks with his white beard. It’s really not fair.

Today wasn’t all bad today though… I was so glad to see my friend and her little monsters walk through the door today. I’ve missed them so much, I’m used to seeing them so much more during the week… and really…. I just missed them. Boogie is so blessed to have 5 kids to grow up with and have 2 amazing people to be her godparents. I’m so ready for our vacation in May… I think we’re all going to need that break.

It’s a Bowl of Love!

Another day with no labor. ::SIGH:: I visited with the Flint fam today, Mr. JoJo got sick this a.m., but he was in high spirits the entire time¬†I was there. JoyAnn and Jesse galloped/danced around in tights (yes, even Jesse) being silly… and the babies were just their usual selves. James even discovered his belly button today… wish I had that on video! LOL!

After that, Justin and I spent the afternoon at home… had an interesting visit for our landlord… really strange. No worries though… nothing bad, but I will say that I’m wierded out and will be looking for a new rental in the Spring.

Had dinner w/the inlaws, it’s Jerry’s (my FIL) 50th birthday….Boogie says HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA GREY! Lots of laughs… lots of jokes… lots of Mudgie freaking out as usual.

Today was a good day though, just wishing I was heading to the hospital. Ugh. So much for a full moon right?

Long Day

It’s been a really long day… and I’m grumpy as heck. :-\

The Flints came and picked me up this a.m. for my 38 week prenatal appointment, and like my morning, Janelle’s started off rough so both of our days kind of started off on the wrong foot. I could tell she was stressed, and the kids were having a hard time today… which is totally normal, but it does make for a hard day. I LOVE you Janelle, you are AMAZING. She dropped me off at my appointment and went to put gas in the car and stop at Starbucks… I was a little bit late, but they got me in pretty quickly. The NST was fabulous, Boogie¬†cooperated again this time, so that’s good. After that I waited FOREVER to get into a regular room to be seen by the only midwife on staff today. When she finally came in she informed me that I have a UTI… I didn’t have a clue, I had no symptoms! She checked the fundal height… measuring perfectly, checked Boogie’s position, and as I figured Boogie¬†is head down with her back on my right side (she STAYS there), her but between my ribs and her knees just around my left rib. She didn’t check my cervix, so I don’t know if I’ve progressed at all. Needless to say… I’m bummed. I was hoping for a better update then that!

We eventually got home and ate lunch, I didn’t get to spend much time with Janelle and the kids today, but I’m glad to atleast have gotten to see them today! J picked me up to go see my mother in law’s Christmas program at the nursing home she works at. I couldn’t handle sitting in the chairs the provided, it was killing my hips, so we walked around and checked out some of the Christmas trees they had decorated.

I was hoping to talk the inlaws or my parents into going to town with us to walk around the mall or Target or something with the slight chance that it might put me into labor…. but nobody budged :-\ So J and I decided to bundle up, throw the sweaters on the dogs, and we headed to the lake to walk. It was a good idea… except for my nose going numb. Didn’t do anything though.

So basically it was a long, drawn out day… and I’m in a foul mood and I’m tired of being pregnant. I used to hate hearing women say that, because when we were trying for soooo long to get pregnant I would think “Stop complaining! Atleast you ARE pregnant.”. Now I understand. Being pregnant is amazing, it’s a blessing, it’s a miracle…. and it can be pretty miserable as well. I’m entirely uncomfortable. I’m tired of having J tie my shoes for me. I’m tired of maternity clothes. I miss my boyfriend jeans from Old Navy without the elastic band on the waist. I miss bending over to pick up things without feeling like I’m crushing my lungs. I just want my daughter in my arms and my body back. I’ll be 39 weeks on Saturday and I’m beyond ready. Do you hear me Boogie? Mommy is ready… daddy is ready… Auntie Janelle is ready… your grandparents are ready… we are ALL ready.