Project 365: Day 20

Today I took an adventure with my favorite little monsters and they’re mommy to Woolworth’s where they have an amazing art gallery and a quaint little soda fountain/diner 🙂 The kids had hotdogs, chips, and pickles (but the babies enjoyed the pickles more than the big kids, LOL), Janelle had a BLT w/potato salad and I had a double decker grilled cheese w/tomato and potato salad on the side… it was delish! I viewed some interesting and beautiful art and came home this evening and wrote a pretty awesome review (atleast I hope my professor finds it awesome) on a few of my favorite pieces… and decided these would be great pictures to share today!

Here is Jonathan munching on a pickle… all that was left when he was finished was the skin! He sucked that pickle dry!
James wasn’t a fan of the pickle… it looks like he was crying but I think that’s just the aftermath of the sour pickle lol

Here is Jesse, JoyAnn, and Joseph enjoying their sodas while we waited for our food. The twins thought it was SO cool to drink out of glass bottles, LOL!