Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 2


Day 2 (Monday): What is your favorite season? Why?


I LOVE Autumn. I live in the mountains, so around the middle or end of September the leaves on the trees start changing. It’s absolutely breathtaking!


The weather gets cooler, the air is crisp, the bugs go away (for the most part)… it’s fabulous! J’s favorite holiday is Halloween, he loves getting dressed up and having Halloween movie marathons, so now that we are parents his love for the holiday has tripled!


We are planning a party for the four of us, I know Boogie will have a blast! We are also planning a trip to an apple orchard, buying (or picking) pumpkins to carve and paint, and I’m sure once we have lots of leaves in the yard we’ll rake them up and play in them!


Autumn is wonderful, I’m so ready for sweaters, boots, and blue jeans!


October Update and Maternity Preview

As promised, I am finally updating with all of our fun activities and updates from October! As of yesterday I have (almost) completely finished my classes… I took my final exams and I’m praying I did well! All that’s left now are 3 labs which I’m hoping to complete tonight! So yay! If all goes well and I pass (oh please!) then I will have officially completed my Associate in Arts Degree!

Now… here are lots of pictures and such from October and a few pictures from our maternity shoot!

We played outside and raked leaves…
We acted crazy and smiled a lot!
We painted pumpkins…
and created other fun art projects for Fall and Halloween…
Had our first experience with Elmer’s glue… and were not impressed!
Ate HIGH in sugar snacks…
Went to the pumpkin patch…
Shared lots of slobbery kisses…
Discovered new and exciting things…
Pretended we were butterflies…
Colored on the sidewalk…
Sat in our artwork…
Learned how to blow dandelions…
Dressed up as an owl…
Conquered the wet and cold to attend the Fall Festival…
Went trick or treating…
And finally ended October by visiting Papaw and Mawmaw to get ring pops!

Boogie had a blast in October and she continues to grow and amaze me! November is going to be life changing for her but I can’t wait to see how she grows and changes in these next few weeks!

Now… for our maternity preview!

36 Weeks!

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Total of 8lbs

Maternity clothes? Everything with the exception of a few regular t-shirts and pj’s I wear to bed! 

Stretch marks? same old same old

Sleep: Tossing and turning… tossing and turning… tossing and turning.

Best moment this week: We did our maternity photos! Can’t wait to see them!

Movement: Bubby is really good at making me run to the bathroom! He punches my bladder HARD and loves to push his butt up between my lungs!

Food cravings: Chocolate Milk 

Gender: Still a boy…

Labor signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks this week

Belly button in or out? The top of my belly button sticks out… looks really weird.  

Wedding rings on or off? Wearing both wedding band and engagement ring, they both fit at the moment. Totally different from Boogie, I couldn’t wear either at this point!

What I miss: Being able to bend over without getting out of breath. Should have seen me shaving my legs this week. Geez!

What am I looking forward too: Those sweet sweet sleepy newborn moments!

Weekly Wisdom: Take pictures, LOTS of pictures!

Milestones: Bubby’s bones are fully formed! His bones are ready, but his lungs still need a little more time to develop!

And a few Halloween belly pictures… I was brave, I’m a pretty modest person so it took some guts for me to do this and actually share pictures. Please ignore my pasty white skin and the icky stretch marks! LOL!

Just A Random Update…

I promise to be a better blogger once I get these last few weeks of school done. I’m SO close to finishing up my BIO classes (aside from scheduling my finals), but it’s taking up a lot of my time! I’m sitting at the table with Boogie while she eats her new favorite breakfast… cheerios and milk! Yea, MILK! This child has been adamant about not drinking cow’s milk, but since I’ve introduced her to the world of cereal and milk, she’s all for it! LOL!

Anyways, I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I cannot believe it! This pregnancy has gone by SO fast I still feel like I’m grasping at the fact that we’re going to be a family of four! Everything is ready for Bubby, all we have left to do is pack our bags and install his car seat. Although… I think we’re going to just wait until he’s here to do that, J can do it while I’m in the hospital. The way our belts and child latch system is in our van we will have to move Boogie back to the very back seat, and there’s no way my big belly can squeeze back there to unbuckle her! So…. yea. Not doing that until after Bubby is born 🙂

We are doing our maternity photos on Monday evening, I’m so excited! We were supposed to have them done last weekend but our photographer (who is also pregnant!) got really sick and needed to rest! I think it will work out better this weekend though, the fall colors in our beautiful mountains are gorgeous right now!

Boogie is a mess this week, she has made me laugh so much this week with her crazy antics! She is newly obsessed with Cinderella… or in her words, “Cindarellwa”, and I can’t tell you how much I love it…. it’s so much better than Minnie Mouse! LOL! We just got the movie two weekends ago and that’s all she wants to watch now! She’s also gotten a few books and some of these tiny princess dolls with clothing. (She’s really into dressing her dolls and such, so this was a great toy!) She’s getting so big, and her vocabulary continues to amaze me. She’s slowly but surely learning her ABC’s, numbers, and colors. Her colors need a lot more work, but we’re getting there. As soon as my classes are done I plan on getting more organized and really start Tot School with her. She loves to learn and do crafts (at least some crafts) so I’m sure she’ll enjoy a little more of that on our schedule!

Last weekend on J’s days off we did some Halloween and fall crafts and even managed a short trip to the pumpkin patch. We painted pumpkins, made Halloween snacks (well… mommy and daddy made the snacks lol), glued fall leaves onto a paper tree, etc etc. The pumpkin patch was a bust, but at least Boogie enjoyed the animals! I will share some pictures tomorrow or Monday of that fun stuff.

Other than that everything is pretty good around here, J is working a lot of course, but he’s still managed to spend time with both Boogie and myself. Bubby continues to grow and get stronger, he’s measuring right on and doing well. I feel like my nose is constantly buried in the computer doing homework, I’ve been leaving facebook up on one of my tabs while I do hw so that I have a reprieve between assignments and can have some “social” interactions lol. I’m still very overwhelmed by everything, but it’s not nearly as bad now that my LIT class is over! I’m sure I’ll update with pictures soon, as well as with maternity pics sometime this week! Until then… God Bless!

Happy 1st Halloween Boogie!

Boogie celebrated her first Halloween today! I’m not sure how we’ll go about celebrating in the future because I’m not crazy about going trick or treating… we may just do church fall festivities. Who knows! This year we went to a pumpkin patch (humongous waste of $ and time btw), bought a pumpkin at the grocery store, took pictures of Boogie in her costume playing with her pumpkin, and her grandparents came over to give her some goodies and love on her. And that’s all we’re doing… I was thoroughly disappointed that the pumpkin patch was a bust, but that’s life I guess! Anyways… Happy Halloween baby girl!

Please continue to pray for us! We’re still waiting to hear what will happen with the house we want, this would be an incredible change for us… I’d love to be able to have Boogie’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas in a HOUSE!