How to Manage Mountains of Laundry

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As a growing family of five we always strive to find the most affordable and reliable products to use for our family. Whether it’s paper products, meats, diapers, or laundry detergent. Laundry detergent is a big one, it can get super costly to keep our house stocked with a good quality detergent to clean the many clothing items, linens, and more that we dirty up. I probably do 10 loads of laundry a week, that’s including diapers most of the time. But usually it’s more than that. My kids know how to get dirty, super dirty.

How to ManageMountains of Laundry

We have a sorting area in our master bedroom hallway where our laundry room, master bath and closet are located. I have a laundry sorter that has three hanging baskets, a trash can and two plastic hampers. The hanging baskets are used for whites, delicates (I sort these when we are ready to wash), and towels. The trash can is for diapers, the white hamper is for adult regular clothing and the teal hamper is for the kids regular clothing. I gather linens on linen day and just put those right into the washer and place fresh sheets on everyone’s beds. When I do blankets (I do this maybe every other month), I just dump those in the floor outside the laundry room so I can do those after the linens. Same thing with the bath mats, I just gather those when I’m ready to wash them!


Our laundry room is pretty small, but I have a nice little shelf above the washer and dryer where I can keep my detergents and stain removing products. I also have a trash basket for lint and tags from new clothing.


How do I keep up? I created a schedule to help me keep up with the amount of laundry we have, this doesn’t mean I don’t ever get behind because really… nobody is perfect! But if I stick to this schedule as much as possible I don’t get nearly as behind. I’m including a free printable for you to use as well! Who doesn’t love FREE?!

So basically I wash our cloth diapers 3x/week and then I split up our delicates, whites, the kids’ regular clothing, the adult regular clothing, linens, towels and bath mats up into different days. Typically, this splits it up enough that I’m doing between 2-3 loads a day, usually 2. Whites typically only get done every other week, as we don’t usually have enough for a full load. Delicates I can sometimes combine the kids and the adults as we typically only wear delicates on Sundays for church and when we go out (our delicates include the kids nice shirts, dress pants, dress shirts, dresses, tights, ballet attire, etc.). There are some weeks when we aren’t home every day, so I squish those laundry days into another day or I put it off until the weekend. But having a schedule seems to help keep Mt. Laundry to a minimum!


You can click the image above to download the PDF schedule that includes cloth diapers are click HERE to print the PDF schedule that does NOT include diapers.

Because of the amount of detergent we use, we try to find the most efficient and affordable detergent to purchase, the best way to do this is by shopping at Sam’s Club! You can save a lot of money by purchasing products in bulk. I was shocked at the low prices you can get by not only buying in bulk, but also buying the Sam’s Club branded items. The Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry Cleaner is just as good, if not better, than some of the leading brands you can purchase.


The best part is that you can purchase Member’s Mark laundry detergent at a fraction of the cost of the leading brands! And right now, both the Fresh Scent and Paradise Splash are $2/off with Instant Savings! They are easy to find on the Laundry/Home Care aisle at your local Sam’s Club. I found them on the inside aisle AND on the end caps at both ends of the aisle!


These Member’s Mark detergents are formulated to provide a top of the notch cleaning of your laundry and helps improve the brightness of your colors AND your whites. My favorite aspect is that they created their detergent bottles so that they can easily set on your shelf, you just use the handy little cup attached to the nozzle and dispense as needed! It’s perfect for our tiny little laundry room. If you use a HE machine, no worries, it’s HE safe and can be used in any machine.


Do you have an efficient way to keep up with your mountains of laundry? Head on over to the Sam’s Club website and leave me a comment below  telling me what you think about the Member’s Mark Laundry Detergent!


Keeping Order With Young Children at Home

This is a guest post from Kathleen, thank you Kathleen for contributing to Mustard Seed Mommy!

Maintaining clean and organized home is not an easy task, especially when your kids are playing around. Parents find it difficult to explain their most precious creatures why they need to keep an order and how to provide the basic cleaning tasks in a suitable way. On the other hand, kids are often reluctant to give the adults a hand with the household chores which is the cause for a lot of conflicts between them and their parents.

Keeping Orderwith YoungChildrenat Home (1)

Of course, you cannot expect from your 5-year-old kid to maintain the home perfectly clean and organized, but still, there are some issues to consider when you want to teach the kid some basic rules at home.  Children will inevitably try to avoid all the tasks related to home cleaning and organizing but your role as a parent is to know exactly how to involve them in these activities and demonstrate them how to manage with the tasks in the best possible way.

We offer you some basic tips that will help you to keep your home organized and comfortable, even when you take care of your kids. Parents need to remember they are capable of managing with multitasking, as long as they are motivated enough and know how to stay flexible.

Involve The Kids In Some Tasks

Even young kids can deal with some simple procedures that concern cleaning and organizing of your home. It is true that you cannot expect from them to manage with the cleaning of all rooms, but when it comes to arranging their clothes and toys, dust removal and vacuuming, young kids can help you a lot.

This way you will save up a lot of time and efforts and you will be able to take up with the organization of the other rooms while the kids are cleaning their own space are saying from NW1 Cleaners.

Establish Some Simple Organization Rules

In case you want to teach the kids that they should keep your home in order, you need to discuss that issue with them.

Kids may not understand  the importance of such procedures at the beginning and that is why it is better to set some rules and ask the kids to follow them. You can start with the arranging the toys, books or clothes, dish-washing and preparing the table. When kids get used to the idea that such tasks are done on a regular basis, they will easily learn how to help you with other procedures, too.

Try To Be a Good Role Model

Being a good role model when you clean and organize your home is definitely an advantage, especially considering the fact that younger children normally observe what their parents do and then copy their actions.

It is true that children may be reluctant to take part in home cleaning and organization chores, but when you show them that such tasks are not that difficuly, this will definitely attract their attention.

On the other hand, if you ask them to manage with some cleaning tasks but you are reluctant to do them yourself, your kids will immediately fell this. Being a good role model when it comes to cleaning and organizing is essential, especially when you want to teach your kids how to help you with the simpler tasks.

These are some of the major moments to consider when you want to keep an order with younger kids. Remember that home cleaning and organization is not that difficult, as long as you devote some of your free time and you manage to involve the kids in an effective way.

Praise the children for their efforts and do not miss the chance of giving them new tasks on a regular basis. Keeping your home ideally cleaned and more comfortable is possible even with younger kids – the question is to find the right approach and stay supportive.


Disclaimer: This post was not written by  Mustard Seed Mommy, this is a guest post that was not compensated for. All opinions and statements are that of the guest blogger. MSM will always post entries that align with the integrity and beliefs you will see throughout this blog. 

Shaking Off These Heavy Chains

Since I was a teenager God has ALWAYS always spoken to me through music. Whether it be a song on the radio, a song at a concert, at church… or even a song I wrote myself. I don’t sing or write or play music as often as I did before, or as often as I would like… but He still reaches out to me and speaks to me through song. On my worst days I can rely on Him to bring me back to the surface with an uplifting song. Today was no different.

I haven’t written anything personal in a while, and for good reason. On March 18, J was asked to resign from his job. We were NOT prepared. Not even a little bit. We used our entire tax refund to pay off debt, to purchase things the kids needed and a few other things we needed for our home. We thought we were being responsible by paying off that debt, and now we have nothing. Our emergency fund is depleted, J is still looking for a new position, and while thankfully he found something to get us by temporarily, it does not pay anywhere near what he was getting before.

It’s been scary and stressful and we feel like the world is just falling down on us. It seems like every day has thrown something new and even more awful at us. Boogie and Bubby’s insurance wasn’t renewed as it was supposed to, so we had to deal with that. The puppy, Arrow, you may have “met” on my Facebook fan page started getting sick, we took him to the vet over and over and over… and then J lost his job and we could not financially keep taking him and hoping they found what was wrong with him. So we had to take him back to the rescue that we adopted him from, it was heartbreaking… my children were devastated. A lot more than that has happened, it just feels like we can’t get our heads above water again.

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to throw in the towel. We had a good morning, I took Boogie (and Bird) to her ballet class, Bubby spent the morning with Mamaw and J went to work. We got home and we had to balance our checkbook register and figure out what bills to pay this coming paycheck and what not to pay. Let’s just say the “not to pay” list is too long. After that, as he tends to do when things get stressful, J popped his head back into his tortoise shell, so to speak, and hasn’t surfaced yet. I tried to explain to him that while things are stressful and not fun right now… life still goes on. It keeps on trucking and we have to just hang on for the ride. But sometimes it just doesn’t feel that easy.

We had to run to the home improvement store down the road to pick up a few things to fix our pantry and my clothesline, so we were going down the road and I was explaining that to J and this song came on the radio:

These are the lyrics I heard as I finished my conversation with J…

Seems like all I could see was the struggle
Haunted by ghosts that lived in my past
Bound up in shackles of all my failures
Wondering how long is this gonna last
Then You look at this prisoner and say to me “son
Stop fighting a fight it’s already been won”

I am redeemed, You set me free
So I’ll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, now I’m not who I used to be
I am redeemed, I’m redeemed

I’m writing this with tears streaming down my face… because of Christ, because of His sacrifice and His suffering… I am REDEEMED. He set me free so that I could shake off all of this stress, anxiety and worry… those heavy chains are gone, the stains are washed away… and I am REDEEMED.

What are the chances that this particular song, on this Easter weekend, would come on as storm clouds started clouding my mind? When all I wanted to do was just go home, lock myself in the bathroom and cry? His timing is perfect and He has a plan for my life, our lives. So like I told J… I’m just going to hop on, hang on for dear life, and keep on trucking until this hard period passes. God is on my side, and He’s showing that to me little by little.

How has Christ spoken to you? I’d love to hear how He has blessed your life! God Bless, and Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!

He Calmed the Storm


He is SO good. I posted before about how rough things were around here. The stresses of what we were experiencing in regards to J’s job and being stuck at home without a vehicle with both kids AND pregnant were triggering situational anxiety and panic attacks for me. We were overwhelmed with everything, worried about our future… we cried out to Jesus over and over and over. And honestly… it felt like we were being ignored. How foolish of us. But we’ve all been there, haven’t we?


God calmed our storm… He stopped the downpour and He did so just a short few weeks before our sweet Baby Bird is due to arrive. I think perhaps He wanted us to learn something. Maybe I was a little impatient and started doubting. Maybe I wasn’t faithful enough… perhaps I didn’t live up to the name of my blog. Perhaps my faith wasn’t even as big as a mustard seed.


Guess He gave me a reality check, eh? He has blessed us abundantly. J starts his new job  on the 1st of December (yea… my EDD is December 6th… but I’m trusting that all will be well!). The new company that has hired him owns and operates many facilities in our area, and the way they train their managers is phenomenal. They start them at the bottom of their department, so in J’s case he will train as a dietary aide, a dishwasher, and then a cook so that he can learn how their staff is expected to work and operate. From there he will learn the policies and procedures, their computer systems and what will be expected of him as the Certified Dietary Manager of his facility. Once that training is complete (his district manager said that would be within 30-60 days) he will be sent to his permanent facility.


There are things that aren’t super amazing, like his commute will be longer and there’s a possibility that we may have to sell or rent our home in the future and move closer to where he is working… but God is showing us that change is okay. And I think He’s also showing us that we have to be flexible and willing to see His purpose in all things. We are very thankful that because he was offered more salary per year from this position that we can now afford a second vehicle again, so the kids and I will have our freedom back. That I am very very thankful for.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for praying for us… for praying for me and for being encouraging and uplifting when I was so down. Your comments and messages meant the world to me. Continue to pray with us, we still have lots of transitions and changes coming in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you! Look for my 36 week update on Saturday and I’m hoping to share some more of our maternity shots next week! God Bless!

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Review & GIVEAWAY!



Purex Crystals Aromatherapy is the newest type of Purex Crystals fabric softener for your laundry! These new scents are incredible! For this review, I tried out the Well Being scent, but you can also purchase Energy and Serenity. The Well Being scent brightens any mood with the happy fragrance of fresh blossoms, it’s a very strong scent, so I actually used about 1/2 the recommended amounts in my loads of laundry (HE Top Loader). Even using 1/2 the recommended amount I found that my clothes were left with a wonderful fragrance of blossoms!



You can learn even more about this particular type of Purex Crystals HERE.


These Purex Crystals are great laundry enhancers that provide a fresh laundry scent that lasts for weeks instead of days. You can eliminate laundry odors by using this in-wash booster to freshen your laundry! And after some research (and trial and error on my part), I would say these are definitely cloth diaper safe! They leave NO residue in your washer or dryer, and while I would NOT actually use them IN my diaper laundry, I would say it’s safe to use in your other loads and not worry about scrubbing out the extra residue before washing diapers! WOO HOO!

Want to try out Purex Crystals Aromatherapy for yourself? I have one coupon for a free bottle to giveaway! Just fill out the widget below (winner’s entries WILL be verified or another winner will be chosen) for your chance to win! Winner will be contacted within 24 hours of the contest ending and will be given 24 hours from the time email is sent to respond before another winner is chosen.

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