Well… I had deleted this blog, luckily for me blogspot keeps it “active” for 30 (or 90… I can’t remmeber) days so I changed my mind. This is my outlet for me to vent when I have no other way to do so. If someone reads this blog and doesn’t like what they read then DON’T read it. I write for myself, and occasionally my venting is read by my close friends who pray about situations that I’m dealing with. My blogs are not meant to harm anyone or to cause “drama” as a few put it… it’s for ME. I love my blog, I can look back on almost 3 years worth of my life stories and that is special to ME. So again. If you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it. This is MY blog. I’m an adult. I can write what I choose in MY blog. Thank you.


So. I’m pretty aggravated at the moment… but I’m going to try to keep my cool long enough to write this blog and hope that maybe… just maybe I will cool down after venting.

My brother is an idiot. I decided to go spend the day with my parents while Justin worked 2nd shift today. Dylan got home around lunch time… from spending the night at a friend’s grandmother’s house (who is living in a nursing home)… and they weren’t supposed to be there at all. They drank. Smoked pot. Etc etc. My brother is 18. Not of legal drinking age. And umm… last time I checked, marijuana is illegal. Does he get fussed at? No. Does he get in trouble? No. Does he get a lecture? Ofcourse not. No big deal. No consequences.

This is what gets me. When Dylan started smoking cigars I asked my parents… will he stop at cigars? They said yes. Then he started smoking cigarettes… I asked my parents, will he stop at cigarettes. They said sure! Then he started drinking. I asked my parents… will he stop at alcohol? Ofcourse! Now he’s smoking pot. I ask my parents… will he stop at pot? Their answer… I don’t know. Can you detect a pattern?

My mom is addicted to the show “Intervention” where a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is filmed and then at the end of the show their family participates in an intervention. EVERY single one of these people started out like my brother… but is anyone but me trying to stop him? No. At some point, either something horrible is going to happen to him or my mother is going to realize she’s enabling him and won’t be able to do a thing about it. So what now. What do I do? I’m lost. My baby brother is going to end up hurting himself and my family and there’s nothing I can do.

Ouch :(

I’m sitting in front of my computer desperately wanting to go to sleep… but I have to wait atleast 3 more hours. Why? Because I’m a genius. Yes. Let me show you a picture first so you can see what I’m talking about…

So you see the brown cabinent above the potty? Ok. Well, I was refilling the toilet paper storage thingy that is usually on the left hand side of the potty (but you can’t see it in the picture)… as I went to stand up…. WHACK! I slammed the corner of my forehead into the corner of that brown cabinent. So I have this large knot on my forehead with a large reddish mark… and it hurts! Ofcourse my hubby gets home and looks at me strange and apparently he thought I had dirt on my head and started rubbing it! I screamed! He screamed because I startled him…. ugh! It’s been an interesting evening! So basically, just in case I have a concussion, I’m staying up and making sure I don’t start feeling dizzy or nauseus… ugh. Story of my life. And no. I’m NOT posting any pictures of the horn on my head.

Ps. Janelle – the chicken was gross. ew. gross!

Moving on to 2010

Not exactly the best Christmas… Granny died last night. Granted, Papaw & John Adam got the best gift… but what they gained, we lost. And I think that selfishly, the thing that bothers me the most is that my children will never know two of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.

Hyper Hyper Hyper

Eek! So… let me give you a little history before I tell you about my day. In high school I started drinking hardcore coffee…. like large coffees with shots of expresso from this great little coffeeshop in town. Before school. After school. Another after school. Like seriously, if coffee was a drug, I was an addict. I got a $15 gift card for Christmas my Junior year for this coffee shop and it was GONE in like…. 6 hrs? So… in the past 2 years I have slowly dwindled this addiction down to having an occasional frozen coffee which doesn’t have much coffee in it to begin with. At first it sucked because I had hardcore headaches and ugh. It was just awful. So I moved on to Coca Cola (oh my…. i do love me some coke) and that is my new addiction. Well my friends… this past week has been stressful. I have exams, tests, papers due, and all kinds of school related things keeping me up at night and I wake up EXHAUSTED.

So Monday I ventured to Sonic thinking I’ll buy me a frozen coffee… a little pick me up to help me through the day. But it was FREEZING. So instead…. I bought a large hazelnut coffee. OH MY. Bliss. I had another cup that afternoon. And I just finished off one this morning. I think I have a problem :-\

Today…. I am HYPER! But I have no way to rid myself of this hyperactivity because I need to study study study…. but I’d rather party party party… if only Miss Hannah was here.

Anyways. I have today, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday and I will be done for the semester. Hannah will be home soon. Stephany is coming down from Michigan for Christmas. Janelle’s babies will be here soon… and then I can party! Ah!