Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 12

Day 12 (Thursday) What is your biggest pet peeve?

Oh geez.. nobody hurt me okay?! Biggest pet peeve…. parents not researching products before buying/using them. I mean really, especially when it comes to items that are meant to protect and keep your children safe: Car Seats! I cannot stand seeing pictures posted on social media with babies forward facing TOO soon and strapped in inappropriately. Read the manuals! Research for the safest seats! Spend a little more, your child’s safety is WORTH it.

Okay, I’m done!

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 11 – And a Double Ear Infection :(


Day 11 (Wednesday) what is your favorite and least favorite chore?

I don’t mind doing laundry, I actually enjoy hanging clothes on the line and folding and putting away… it’s just being able to do that without little ones crawling up my legs and interrupting me every 5 seconds! I HATE doing the dishes though… I always joke and say that I have a dishwasher… and his name is J! :-p

Short post tonight folks… my sweet Boogie has a double ear infection. Poor girl woke up in the middle of the night last night complaining of ear pain, we don’t usually do meds for fevers or colds, but she was in severe pain so I gave her a dose of Children’s Tylenol. She then vomited that dose about an hour later all over the kitchen floor. So we went to the pediatrician today, she had her first dose of antibiotics this afternoon and refuses to let us touch her ears (I was hoping to use a warm washcloth to help soothe it), but now she’s asleep, thankfully. I’m checking her every 30 or so minutes, her fever seems to go up and down. Pray for my girl!

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 10


Day 10 (Tuesday) what would be your dream vacation?

This is something J and I have talked about a lot! We are actually hoping to be able to go on this dream vacation by the time Boogie is 5 – praying we will be completely debt free by then! So, the plan is to drive down to Fort Walton Beach in Florida, my aunt and uncle live there and it’s where we honeymooned, for a few days (we may stop halfway down and stay in Georgia or Alabama for the night)… then drive down to Orlando and take Boogie to meet all the Disney Princesses! We want to explore all the Disney parks and I want to take J to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure! We may even try Sea World, who knows! Then after about a week of that, drive back up to the beach for a few more days and then back home! I hope we can make it happen someday!

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 9

Day 9 (Monday .  Show us a favorite photo and tell why it’s a favorite.


I LOVE this photo. This was our first family photo as a family of four! Bubby was 2 weeks old, Boogie was almost 2… I was absolutely exhausted (as was J), but there is nothing like those first few weeks with a new baby. Not to mention that we had no idea what this little boy had planned for us… that child gets into EVERYTHING now! 😉

Sunday Social Link Up


Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite fall activity? Decorating the house! I wish we had more decor, hopefully I can fix that ASAP!

2. Do you follow a football team? Uh… no.

3. What is something fun about fall in your area? Fall festivals galore! Apple picking, pumpkin patches… so fun!

4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits? Sweaters, jeans, boots, hoodies, whatever is cozy!

5. What things are his looking forward to most about this coming fall season? Taking the kids to the apple orchard!

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition? Halloween – mainly because my husband gets SO excited about it! He loves to dress up and have movie marathons with all of our scary and Halloween themed movies.