Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 8


Day 8 (Sunday). Best piece of advice you have ever received. Who was it from?

I have worked many years in various different childcare settings, most of my working career has been with children. My first year working the evening shift at a local conference center childcare I had a supervisor who told me, “Let them be little, never encourage a child to act older than they are, never scold a child for acting their age.” SO true. I know I’m guilty of it, I mean really… two years old is a hard age for child AND mommy. I hope to remember that advice more often. Let them be little.

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 7


Day 7(Saturday). My best piece of advice I could give. It can be anything at all. (parenting, marriage, blogging, health, etc)

Communication. I really can’t stress that enough when it comes to marriage. J and I, after 7 1/2 years of being together (almost 6 years of marriage), we are STILL working on that. It’s HARD, it’s not fun admitting your wrong, it’s not fun forgiving… but in order to fully trust and honor your husband… you HAVE to communicate. I try to tell J everything, I try to tell him how I’m feeling and what I need from him as a friend, a husband, and a father to our children. Sometimes it’s hard to tell him exactly what I need to tell him, but I know that in the long wrong it’s better for the both of us. Not only communication with your spouse is important though, communication with Christ is the way to find communication with your husband or wife. I’ve noticed that during the times I feel furthest away from God, I feel furthest away from my husband as well. Isn’t it interesting how that works out?

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 6

Day 6(Friday). What have been the three greatest moments of your life?

1 – Marrying the love of my life, not everything went the way I wanted it to (wedding wise, that is), but the best part was this amazing man wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!


2 – Having my sweet Boogie, my beautiful miracle. She is so smart and absolutely one of the best things in my life.


3 – Having this little monster of mine, Bubby. And I say monster because he is currently trying to eat my arm! This kid keeps me on my toes, but he is the most cuddly, and the sweetest boy I know!


With all of that said, above and beyond those 3 things, the day I accepted Christ into my life was the GREATEST moment of my life. It out ranks everything, I would not be the wife, mother, friend, or daughter I am today if I hadn’t taken that walk that day. I am a child of God!

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 5


Day 5(Thursday). What is your favorite book? Why?

That is a hard question for me… there are just SO many books that I love! I’m a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury, her books are so inspirational and just amazing. I’m slowly building my collection of her books, I only lack about 10! I’m also a fan of Beverly Lewis, I love pretty much any Christian Amish Fiction, but hers are by far my favorite. I’m also trying to collect all of her books, I’m only missing her cookbook. In a completely different genre, I’m a geek and love vampire books and those like Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods, etc. I even love to read some Juvenile Fiction collections like Percy Jackson & the Olympians, 39 Clues, etc. I just can’t choose one favorite, I love to read and I love them ALL!

No pictures today, but I hope to post tomorrow with our family pictures by Blush Photography!

Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 4


Day 4 (Wednesday) : What has been your favorite blog post you have ever written? (Leave a link so we can go check it out.)

Both birth stories of my children are on top of my list, however I think Bubby’s tops the charts. Not because it meant more or for any other reason than because I got the birth I wanted. Boogie’s birth was nothing like I had planned, my water broke and nothing happened… so I was then induced and the pain was horrible. I ended up with an epidural and my recovery was slow going because of that. The outcome was pretty fantastic though, my sweet girl was worth all of that and more. Bubby’s birth was everything I wanted, my labor started on it’s own a day after my estimated due date (you read that right, EDD is ESTIMATED not definite), we went to the hospital several hours after my first contractions started, the admitted me an hour later and then two hours from the time we arrived at the hospital he was here! Naturally, no medical interventions… just my body doing what it was meant to do! I felt incredibly empowered that day, I hope that someday more births for more women will be like that, pregnancy and birth is not a medical condition… it’s natural!

Boogie’s Birth Story¬†

Bubby’s Birth Story