5 Ways to Calm Your Threenager

5 Ways toCalm YourThreenager

Haha… yes, I can hear you laughing from miles away. Calm a threenager, it’s an oxymoron right? Some days, yes. It totally is. But I promise you, that if you really want to calm that child of yours down, it can be done! I never knew what it was like having a true threenager. Sure, Boogie had an attitude and was a little sassy, but she had nothing on her little brother. This child is a screamer, he will throw his body on the floor, get so angry that his entire body shakes… it’s insane. So, if you care to try, here are 5 ways to calm your threenager (Bubby style!).

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This one is pretty obvious, one of the best ways to calm those crazies down is to get outside! I know it’s getting colder now, you have to bundle up and there’s layers of clothing that have to be put on. But if you can manage to make that happen, do it. Then run. Play. Jump. Swing! One of my favorite ways to get some of that “all boy” energy out is by having him and Boogie run around the house as many times as they can. They will race and race until they can’t run anymore. Most of the time, even in the midst of a terrible fit pitching, all I have to say is, “Let’s go outside!” and that little light bulb turns on over Bubby’s head and he’s running to get his shoes on. Try it!

2. Go On a Date

This one can be a little trickier. Obviously you don’t want to reward poor behavior, but sometimes our threenagers need some one on one attention. Typically, especially with my sweet boy, his tantrums and behavior is triggered by the craving of that one on one attention. This is a hard one for us, especially during November and December when we have the holidays and about a million other things planned. Trying to find even a half hour when J can hang with the girls or vice versa is difficult. I hope to do this more often with Bubby and the girls as well. They all need mommy dates and daddy dates! And Bubby especially enjoys going out for Superman ice cream!

3. Keep Them Busy

There are so many ways you can keep them busy. If Bubby is in the middle of a terrible tantrum, sometimes I can pull out an activity like this and say, “When you’re ready to calm down, I’d love to try out this {insert activity}”. Most of the time he’ll calm down after a few minutes and is ready to participate. Some of the things I use are this Melissa & Doug Sort & Snap Color Match activity (affiliate link), sensory bins (I haven’t actually tried this one as of yet, but I have big plans for this great sensory table my mom bought for us! I know it will help drastically!), crafts, bristle blocks, etc.

4. Rest

I get it. Naptimes can be an absolute nightmare with these threenagers. Trust me, I know this all too well. I also know that if my boy doesn’t get his nap in, there will be worse things to deal with later in the day. So, fortunately for us, Bubby goes down pretty easy most days after lunch. Then again, there are those few days every now and then when he fights it tooth and nail. So here are a few things I’ve tried:

  • Snuggle on the couch with a good book or a movie, most of the time Bubby will pass out because like I said… he still needs that nap!
  • Have a slumber party naptime in the living room – this is what you’re looking at in the above picture. I had Bird on my lap nursing, Boogie was on the couch reading a book and Bubby had finally passed out in the floor.
  • If you absolutely cannot get your kid down for a nap and they are STILL flipping out… turn down the lights, place a few books, soft toys, etc in their room… place threenager in said room and WALK AWAY. Believe me, I’m not a fan of crying it out, not even with my older ones. However, sometimes all you CAN do is walk away. If they’re safe, have everything they need to be healthy and loved…. then please, just walk away. I believe that Bubby needs that alone time sometimes, it allows him to calm down and just have a moment.

5. Find Time to Snuggle (1)


In the midst of some of Bubby’s worst screaming sessions I have gotten down in the floor, scooped him into my lap and just held him. Yes, sometimes he pushes me away and tries to hit and kick… but if I hold him and love on him and sometimes sing to him, after 5 or less minutes he starts to calm down. His heart slows to a normal rate, that’s how I know when this method is going to work to calm him down, with his chest pressed against mine I can feel that begin to happen. His rigid little muscles straining against me start to relax, and finally he just snuggles into me. Touch is such a powerful tool for our little ones, hugs and smooches and cuddles are one of the best ways to calm a crying baby, so why not use it to calm our threenagers as well? A great way to snuggle is to wear your kids! Yes! You CAN wear your threenager, a great way to do so comfortably is by using a woven wrap or a Beco Toddler (affiliate link), as seen in the picture above.


Thanks for stopping by to check out 5 Ways to Calm Your Threenager! What are some of your best ways to calm down your threenager?

5 Ways to CalmYour Threenager


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I’ve been following The Unveiled Wife for a few years now and found her posts inspiring and close to home. She shares her faith, marriage and life like an open book and I truly appreciate that about her. She does no different in this book about her relationship with her husband and how her faith has helped in her intimacy with him.

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The Old Fashioned Way (Reclaiming the Lost Art of Romance) was inspired by the new movie Old Fashioned that will be in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015! Many times we hear the words “old fashioned” and we think of gentlemen opening doors, modesty, no sex before marriage… and while all of those things are wonderful, having an “old fashioned” relationship is soooo much more than that!

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Team Us: Marriage Together Book Review & Giveaway

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I am SO excited to be sharing this book with all of my readers. J and I have been looking for a book to read together as a couple, not because we are necessarily having any issues, but just because having three young children we don’t really get the alone time we used too. This allows us to create that time together, even if it means reading separately and coming together to discuss it!  I am on Chapter 4 of this book so far, it’s taking us a while to get through it, because like I said, we’re reading the chapters together but SEPARATELY. Meaning we each read a Chapter and pass it back and forth. We have actually taken to answering the questions of each chapter in a notebook that we pass back and forth as well. Should I reiterate again that we do so because of these three wee babies of ours that need our undivided attention? Ha!

“Team Us” Official Book Trailer from Ashleigh Slater on Vimeo.


This book is not only a guide to help you and your spouse to become an undivided TEAM, but it’s REALLY a good read. Ashleigh has created a book that will pull your attention in and have you laughing and nodding your head “YES!”. Her husband even has some thoughts throughout the book. Trust me, you’re going to LOVE this book!

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