He has RISEN!

Our little family had a wonderful Easter Sunday… and guess what?!?!? Jesus has RISEN! Hallelujah! 🙂 Boogie and I started off our morning by sleeping in. By sleeping in I mean, we started at 7am and I pretty much nursed her everytime she woke up so that she fell asleep again… is that awful? LOL! We got up at 10am and started our morning by reading the Easter Story from one of her kid’s bible story books and then we read an Easter book by Mercer Mayer (LOOOVE those books!) Then we were basically lazy all day… I did manage to get the diapers washed, and J made steaks for dinner… other than that, we just hung out, played, and Boogie refused to nap! Ha! She’s actually finally asleep… I got her down at 9pm and she stayed asleep for about 45 minutes, long enough for me to get half of an assignment done for school. I just got her back down, however she’s in my lap, and I can’t move. Yay me!

Anyways, I wanted to share Boogie’s Easter pics… or atleast a few of them. Mom took the one’s outside, I took the one’s inside… enjoy!

3 Month Photos

My baby is going to be 3 months on Monday! She continues to grow… unbelievably fast. Before we know it she will be crawling… walking… talking… YIKES! I took Boogie’s 3 month photos today… I’ve been doing some reading on photographing babies/children, I’m nowhere near where I want to be when it comes to photographing my children… but I’m getting better! Here are a few pics:

I could have taken her to a studio for her 3 months…. but I saved a ton of money doing it myself! 😉

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

We wore… a LOT of green today!
Boogie rolled over for the first time today! I’ve had the hardest time getting her to do tummy time, she just HATES being on her tummy. So I tried something new today… I stripped her naked, got a really cushy blanket out (and a diaper pad to put underneath her lol)… started her out on her back and rolled her over onto her belly. She loved it! So I guess being nudey and on your belly is okay, LOL! She was cooing, and talking, and all of a sudden she scooted her arm underneath her and rolled right onto her back! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t expect it at all! I don’t think she did either, because her eyes got real big and she started fussing… so I flipped her over onto her belly again, got her calmed down and started playing with her again and guess what?!?! She did it again! She’s growing too fast!

Always There

Something that I think we ALL struggle with from time to time, or really all the time, is the knowledge and faith that God is ALWAYS there for us no matter the circumstance. We might know he’s there, but sometimes we don’t remember that He is there. I hope that made sense… lol. The verse from my devotion tonight is from Psalm 91:15, “When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.” Isn’t that beautiful? I don’t think I even need to expand on that… it is what it is!

I spent a wonderful day with my Boogie today… yes my Boogie. Ever since my little one has been sick, I’ve been calling her Boogie, and it has STUCK. So she’s my Boogie lol! We had a little photo session, and I got some of the BEST faces from her today… she is a hoot! The pictures with the bluish floral top is from the other day, the ones with the giant green flower are from today.

And one of the two of us to finish this blog up….

2 Months

As I posted on Sunday night… yesterday Boogie turned 2 months old! She is now 21 7/8 inches long, 10lbs 1.5oz, and her head is 38.9cm. She’s definitely growing, and has almost doubled her birth weight which is GREAT! We are both a little congested at the moment… who knew such a little baby could have so much snot, yuck!

Boogie did pretty well at her appointment, she got 3 shots and handled them surprisingly well. She was a little fussy as she got stuck, but settled down relatively quickly. She was definitely more upset with the oral vaccine than she was with the shots. My hope is that she will not have the same fear I had as a child when it came to needles, until I got pregnant, I was deathly afraid and would literally run or beat my mom and the nurses to death to get away. I was TERRIFIED. Obviously, I had to endure my needles throughout my pregnancy and no longer have that fear thankfully.

We’ve had professional photos done three times… when she was a day old at the hospital, once at 4 weeks, and again at 7 weeks. We can’t afford to it all the time, so we plan on having them done again at 6 months and 1 year… until then I am going to take monthly photos with our handy dandy fancy new camera 😉