Ugh Ugh Ugh

Ugh, AGAIN. I am SO behind in my school assignments, and really it’s all my fault. I’ve just been lazy… between taking care of Boogie and trying to keep up with laundry and  housecleaning… I’ve just “forgotten” to do it. Now… it’s not NEARLY as bad as last semester… now THAT was horrible. This semester consists of SO much reading, it’s kicking my butt! And I only have 3 classes right now! My 4th starts in March, so I HAVE to get my butt in gear! LOL!  Of course, I will manage, and do well this semester… I just have to stop staring at this beautiful little girl and get to work! I got a ton done tonight… at least between waking J up to get Boogie so I could continue to work!

A few exciting things…

I tried out our Ergo Carrier w/the Heart 2 Heart insert today… LOVE it! And Boogie loved it too… she falls right to sleep in it, just like in the woven and moby! J, Boogie, Mudgie, and myself walked down to the lake and back… it was SO beautiful today! And apparently it’s supposed to be in the seventies tomorrow!

We bought a new camera! I’m so excited! We’ve been talking about getting a nice camera since… well since our honeymoon actually. J and I both love to take pictures, especially when we go on walks… and now that Boogie is here, it’s more important than EVER to document our lives! I can’t wait for the battery pack to charge so we can start trying it out!

Oh and just for the record…. only 41 days until vacation! WOOHOO!

7 Weeks

Boogie is 7 weeks old today, she is getting so big… so since we just got our hospital pictures in the mail this week… let’s do a little flashback of my beautiful little girl!

Doesn’t seem like that was 7 weeks ago… pretty soon she’ll be turning 6 months… and then that will fly by and she’ll be 1. UGH! Happy 7 weeks baby girl, you light up my world!

Happy Day AFTER Valentine’s Day!

I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and I hope that you continue to show your loved ones how much they mean to you BEYOND the holiday of love! My wonderful husband had some beautiful flowers delivered to our home for me, and he also bought me chocolate. I was one happy momma! J also got Boogie a SWEET little plush baby doll that says “My First Valentine’s Day”, it is adorable! I had no idea what to do for J, he is really hard to buy for! I was hoping to squeeze in a photo session on Sunday, but unfortunately the place we like to go was completely booked. So, I scheduled an appointment at the studio yesterday and we had family photos made! The photos turned out great! Well…. again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sassy Sunday

J, Boogie, and I went to the mall last Tuesday to run some errands, and once we had finished we decided to head to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. As we were walking by the Picture People one of the girls working there asked us if we wanted a free picture… I knew it was a way to get our business, but I couldn’t resist! Look how beautiful and ADORABLE my daughter is….

She’s so cute… I’m a little biased ofcourse… but really. PURE cuteness!

Like I posted before, Boogie turned a month old on Friday… and we weighed her today… 9lbs! She’s starting to fit a little better into a majority of her cloth diapers… but they still leak a little because of her scrawny little legs. However, they are slowly getting chubbier 🙂

Today, we decided that we couldn’t resist the beautiful weather outside and went for a really, really long walk. I put Boogie in the moby, we packed J’s backpack with diapers, wipes, and a few other essentials and headed out. We walked to the lake, around the lake, up the road to Nanny’s, and then across town to mom’s house. We probably walked over 3 miles today, and it felt AMAZING. I’m so looking forward to Spring, and NO MORE SNOW, so we can walk more often and I can really start losing more weight! I’m down to 218 now!

Boogie is now in her 0-3 month clothing (I teared up a bit at that discovery)… she is just too long for her newborn stuff now! When we first brought her home until about 2 weeks ago she was still too small to swaddle in her swaddle blanket that we have. So tonight I decided to try doing it again, well guess what!?!?! She is finally tall enough to swaddle! AND she is sleeping in her bassinet, AND I’m in MY bed beside my hubby… YAY! We will see how tonight goes, and hopefully she’ll give mommy a break and sleep in her bassinet ALL night (between feedings and diaper changes of course)!

Wow! That was crazy and sporatic… but that’s a pretty good update I think 😉

Project 365: Day 51

34 weeks today! Mom took us out to good ole’ Lake Susan to take maternity pictures for our Christmas card… and  a few of them I really like 😀