How to Manage Mountains of Laundry

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As a growing family of five we always strive to find the most affordable and reliable products to use for our family. Whether it’s paper products, meats, diapers, or laundry detergent. Laundry detergent is a big one, it can get super costly to keep our house stocked with a good quality detergent to clean the many clothing items, linens, and more that we dirty up. I probably do 10 loads of laundry a week, that’s including diapers most of the time. But usually it’s more than that. My kids know how to get dirty, super dirty.

How to ManageMountains of Laundry

We have a sorting area in our master bedroom hallway where our laundry room, master bath and closet are located. I have a laundry sorter that has three hanging baskets, a trash can and two plastic hampers. The hanging baskets are used for whites, delicates (I sort these when we are ready to wash), and towels. The trash can is for diapers, the white hamper is for adult regular clothing and the teal hamper is for the kids regular clothing. I gather linens on linen day and just put those right into the washer and place fresh sheets on everyone’s beds. When I do blankets (I do this maybe every other month), I just dump those in the floor outside the laundry room so I can do those after the linens. Same thing with the bath mats, I just gather those when I’m ready to wash them!


Our laundry room is pretty small, but I have a nice little shelf above the washer and dryer where I can keep my detergents and stain removing products. I also have a trash basket for lint and tags from new clothing.


How do I keep up? I created a schedule to help me keep up with the amount of laundry we have, this doesn’t mean I don’t ever get behind because really… nobody is perfect! But if I stick to this schedule as much as possible I don’t get nearly as behind. I’m including a free printable for you to use as well! Who doesn’t love FREE?!

So basically I wash our cloth diapers 3x/week and then I split up our delicates, whites, the kids’ regular clothing, the adult regular clothing, linens, towels and bath mats up into different days. Typically, this splits it up enough that I’m doing between 2-3 loads a day, usually 2. Whites typically only get done every other week, as we don’t usually have enough for a full load. Delicates I can sometimes combine the kids and the adults as we typically only wear delicates on Sundays for church and when we go out (our delicates include the kids nice shirts, dress pants, dress shirts, dresses, tights, ballet attire, etc.). There are some weeks when we aren’t home every day, so I squish those laundry days into another day or I put it off until the weekend. But having a schedule seems to help keep Mt. Laundry to a minimum!


You can click the image above to download the PDF schedule that includes cloth diapers are click HERE to print the PDF schedule that does NOT include diapers.

Because of the amount of detergent we use, we try to find the most efficient and affordable detergent to purchase, the best way to do this is by shopping at Sam’s Club! You can save a lot of money by purchasing products in bulk. I was shocked at the low prices you can get by not only buying in bulk, but also buying the Sam’s Club branded items. The Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry Cleaner is just as good, if not better, than some of the leading brands you can purchase.


The best part is that you can purchase Member’s Mark laundry detergent at a fraction of the cost of the leading brands! And right now, both the Fresh Scent and Paradise Splash are $2/off with Instant Savings! They are easy to find on the Laundry/Home Care aisle at your local Sam’s Club. I found them on the inside aisle AND on the end caps at both ends of the aisle!


These Member’s Mark detergents are formulated to provide a top of the notch cleaning of your laundry and helps improve the brightness of your colors AND your whites. My favorite aspect is that they created their detergent bottles so that they can easily set on your shelf, you just use the handy little cup attached to the nozzle and dispense as needed! It’s perfect for our tiny little laundry room. If you use a HE machine, no worries, it’s HE safe and can be used in any machine.


Do you have an efficient way to keep up with your mountains of laundry? Head on over to the Sam’s Club website and leave me a comment below  telling me what you think about the Member’s Mark Laundry Detergent!


Fall Fall Fall!

FALL! It’s Fall! Hallelujah! Yes… I love Fall. I love the changing colors, the smell of fires burning, crackling leaves under my feet… windows open, cool breezes, sweaters and boots. I love it all! So, to kick off Back To Blogging at The SITS Girls I wanted to share my Fall Bucket List again! You can find the download in the Freebies section of my blog (top menu), you’ll need to subscribe to gain access to the password!.

Our favorite fall activities as a family are visiting the local apple orchard, carving pumpkins and baking homemade pies. My kids LOVE playing in the leaves and getting dressed up for Fall Festivals. As our family is young, we are still creating fall traditions. We hope to attend the apple orchard every year, to pull out our decorations and allow the children to help us decorate our home… and so much more. That’s the fun of traditions, you create them as your family grows!

Enjoy our bucket list, and comment to let me know what YOUR favorite fall traditions and activities are!

Fall Bucket List

We were inspired by my friend at Motherhood and Miscellany, she and her beautiful family just completed their Summer Bucket List last week and commented on how it reminded them to do so many FUN things with their kids! So, with the help of  Tracee Smith Designs I have a FREE printable for you! We’re going to use the honor system here… please click on Tracee Smith Designs and like her fan page before downloading! She does amazing work on everything from birthday invites, advertisements, facebook banners, twitter banners and photos, blog design, etc. Go check her out!


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