Dreaming and Planning

As I’ve said a few times in my posts this past year, I’ve got big plans for this little site of mine. Changes, updates, a remodel if you will. J and I have some big dreams and we are doing some big planning for the future of our family.

We just got back from a week long adventure to Charleston, SC. We tent camped in the Mount Pleasant KOA and it was absolutely beautiful. It was our first time in Charleston and we loved just about everything about it there. I loved the history of the downtown area, the beauty of the waterfront parks, and the beaches… just gorgeous.

Sullivan’s Island was our absolute favorite beach there, it was quiet, not crowded, and it had a lighthouse at the tail end of the beach. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Charleston and it sparked a dream we’ve had for years. Maybe not a dream really, more like a casual idea we have mentioned to each other over the years.

We love to travel, we love exploring new places and finding hidden gems in small towns. When we lived in Tennessee we had so much fun exploring our new town and the surrounding areas. Back home in North Carolina we’ve been doing more of that and exploring areas we have never been before. For a long time we’ve talked about how amazing it would be to travel full time, to find jobs where we could work on the road and just be with our family. Full time family. That’s what we want. No more 9-5 work, no more constant busyness, no more.

So what does that mean exactly? We aren’t going anywhere right now, but we are planning. We are dreaming. I’m hoping through my blog and possibly my social media channels and YouTube we can start blogging and vlogging our journey. This will be a journey to living debt free, to finding our way to being a full time family and all the details in between. I would love to see us be debt free in less than 3 years, and full time traveling in 4-5. Our kids would be ages 6-13ish by then.

I’m excited to see where God takes us, I’m excited to see what God does with our lives and the lives of our family. There’s always that chance that he’ll change the course in the next few years, but we are ready to follow His lead.

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Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 10


Day 10 (Tuesday) what would be your dream vacation?

This is something J and I have talked about a lot! We are actually hoping to be able to go on this dream vacation by the time Boogie is 5 – praying we will be completely debt free by then! So, the plan is to drive down to Fort Walton Beach in Florida, my aunt and uncle live there and it’s where we honeymooned, for a few days (we may stop halfway down and stay in Georgia or Alabama for the night)… then drive down to Orlando and take Boogie to meet all the Disney Princesses! We want to explore all the Disney parks and I want to take J to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure! We may even try Sea World, who knows! Then after about a week of that, drive back up to the beach for a few more days and then back home! I hope we can make it happen someday!

Another Long Overdue Update!

We finally have our new computer and printer set up… thank goodness! I’ve been waiting and waiting to get some file folder games and such printed for Tot School! I’ve found so many wonderful goodies for Boogie, and I’m sure the sweet girl I will be babysitting starting in August (we’ll call her Miss V) will enjoy them as well!

It’s been a great month for our family, Bubby turned 7 months (and we are creeping up to month 8!), he now has 5 teeth cut through with 3 more trying to break through (that’s loads of fun…), and he is figuring out how to get around without crawling! Boogie is her normal, ornery self of course, we took her to a Radio Disney event, it wasn’t what we expected but she had fun nonetheless! We even took the kids on a little trip to Gatlinburg, it was Bubby’s first vacation and trip to the aquarium! And…. J bought his first motorcycle! I may actually have my car to myself again! YAY!

As for me, I am slowly updating my wardrobe… which is AWESOME. I haven’t bought myself new (or new to me) clothes in a long time…. and maternity clothes DO NOT count lol! I bought one new outfit from Old Navy, and the price KILLED me, so the rest have come from consignment stores (both online and in person!) I ordered several things from Thredup.com, they have children’s, junior’s, women’s and plus size women’s clothing for GREAT prices! (If you use that link above, you will receive $10 credit on your first order!) I have also signed up to be an Origami Owl consultant, I will post more about that in a separate post later… but let’s just say that this company is AWESOME and it was started by a 14 year old young lady!

Now… how about a picture update?

This is J’s Nanny, she has been in and out of the hospital. She is doing much better now, but please keep praying for her!

Our big guy is eating so well! He’s had lots of different vegetables, fruits, and even some meats! Yay Baby Led Weaning!

My Bubby and I at the fireworks!

He was super excited…. can’t you tell?

Boogie really enjoyed playing before the fireworks…. however we ended up leaving shortly after they started because they scared her ๐Ÿ™

8 months old!

My failed attempt at a sibling photo…. this was the BEST out of the bunch lol

We got all of Nanny’s grandkids who have children together and took a big photo of all of them, along with individual pics of the grandkids with their babies… I am not going to post the other family members out of respect for them and their privacy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Took a trip to the aquarium….

Bubby stayed asleep through most of it!

Excuse my red complexion… it was HOT.

Boogie dressed up as Sofia the First for a Radio Disney Jr Event!

We had a tea party ๐Ÿ™‚

J’s new toy!

So… Bubby is in this picture too… Breastfeed without Fear ladies!ย 

She thoroughly enjoyed our tea party ๐Ÿ™‚

Origami Owl Takeout Menu – I’m so excited to tell you more!

He’s a little excited…

Vacation 2012

I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner, however we were having some technical difficulties with our internet this past week which meant I got WAY behind on homework! The GOOD news is that I only have a few weeks left before I’m finished with everything, aside from a few quizzes and exams I need to discuss with my instructor about opening early for me ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, vacation didn’t start out with a bang, but overall it was a lot of fun! We got almost all of our Christmas shopping done, got everything the kids need for fall and winter and we had a ton of fun spending time together as a family. The first night, we actually drove out there (it’s about a 2 hour drive) after J got off work on Saturday night. So Boogie slept the entire way, and was WIDE awake at 8:30ish pm when we got there. And she didn’t sleep until almost midnight. It was awful. We originally took the pack n play, but we all know that Boogie is too much of a big girl to sleep in that… or at least we know that now! The beds were too high for her to sleep by herself on them and I didn’t want to sleep with her because this child is a wiggle worm and I didn’t want her kicking me. So, since I couldn’t sleep with her that meant it still wasn’t safe for just J to sleep with her in the other bed because she would probably still fall off (ya know… the wiggle worm). What did we do? Pulled the mattress into the floor. Yea. (Please forgive the vacation pics… we took both our DSLR and digital camera and ended up just using J’s smartphone, lol!)

Obviously Boogie thought it was great fun… you can see her diving onto the bed in this picture!

Other than that debacle everything else went pretty smoothly. Sunday we spent the day in Knoxville, we like going to the Turkey Creek Crossing Shopping Area (lots of great stores… Super Target, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, etc etc.) and then we went to the West Town Mall. When we got back into Pigeon Forge we did some shopping at the Tanger outlet, but it was absolutely packed so we got dinner and then headed back to our hotel. Monday we went back to Tanger and then spent some time at a few other shopping areas and then enjoyed the day in Gatlinburg. We thought about visiting the aquarium again, but I was afraid it would make me sick like it did when I was pregnant with Boogie. Overall we had a great time, and we’re glad that we got some time away as a family of three before little man gets here!

This was Saturday night when Boogie wouldn’t sleep

At our favorite Christmas store in Pigeon Forge

So excited to eat at the Apple Barn! We love the fritters, muffins, and apple butter!