6 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

One of our favorite holidays for crafting is Valentine’s Day! Here are our favorite crafts to do with the smallest of our kiddos.


1 – Tissue Paper Valentine’s Wreath from Happy Hooligans


2 – Shake It Up Hearts from Sunny Day Family

shake it up hearts

3 – Heart Stamps from Craftulate


4 – Heart Suncatcher from Fun At Home With Kids


5 – Finger Painting Love Canvas from As Time Flies


6 – Heart Necklace from Red Ted Art


Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this day, in 2006, Justin and I went on our first official date to a little Mexican restaraunt in town… rented movies and was the day I fell in love with this shy, handsome man 🙂

In 2007, he took me to Gatlinburg, TN and proposed to me on this very day…

In 2008, we celebrated our first Valentine’s day as husband and wife…

In 2009, we celebrated at the same Mexican restaraunt for old time’s sake…

In 2010, we are celebrating our 5th Valentine’s Day together… and we decided to just stay home and start a new tradition. We pulled out every romantic/romantic comedy movie we have and we’re going to have a mushy movie fest and make a nice dinner and stay in 🙂

Happy Valentine’s! Remember that this isn’t just for people who have significant others… this day is a reminder for you to show affection for EVERYONE you love EVERDAY of the year. <3