Baby #4 – 16 Weeks


How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Haven’t weighed myself, though my appetite is starting to come back, so I imagine if I haven’t already that I’ll start gaining some.

Maternity clothes? Yep. All the time, plus some LuLaRoe thrown in as well. I cannot wear regular jeans anymore, they hurt my stomach. And while I can wear regular tees, they look kind of weird when they’re not contoured to shape over a bump now. 

Stretch marks? Same old ones I’ve had since Boogie!

Sleep: I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well. Exhaustion is definitely starting to hit me, I definitely don’t follow the tell-tale signs of a typical pregnancy. Second trimester does NOT bring on a bolt of energy for this mommy!

Best moment this week: This photo…. haha! I always have J or one of the kids pose with my sign so I can get the settings on my camera right before he takes my photo. This time he REALLY posed for me!


Movement: Nope… I have an anterior placenta, AGAIN. For the FOURTH time. So it’ll probably be a week or two before I feel anything unfortunately.

Food cravings: Greasy junk food. Like wings, nachos, cheese fries. I know, right? Super healthy! I’ve also found a love for the Ice Praline Pecan Coffee drinks when Sonic can get the ratios right! 

Gender: We will find out on the 26th of September!

Labor signs: None.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and super loose! Yikes!

What I miss: Energy

What am I looking forward too: Finding out the gender. I’m going to say girl, I’ve been right the other three times, so we’ll see if I can continue my streak!

Weekly Wisdom: Love your babies more, hold them tighter, kiss them daily… time goes by way too fast.

Milestones: Baby Bug is the size of an avocado! Holy guacemole!